The Power of Music

29 06 2008

I’m on my way back from Creation Fest Northeast.  What a blast!!! So many bands, so many stories, so many people gathered to celebrate and praise our Creator.  Check out Video Rocket for recaps from the festival and some daily blogs/promos from Worth Dying For.

The most amazing part of the festival to me was simply the power of music.  From all ages, races, sex, denominations, and any other category you can think of….music transcends them all.  The power of music to me is in the connection.  The connection meets you where you are and becomes the soundtrack for the moment.  When you combine that with music that connects with our Creator…then you see a power at whole new level.

For me personally, beyond the stage and the bands…i witnessed a group of 40,000+ stop for a moment to light candles as an act of worship.  The music was simple, the lights were off, and this was the view from the stage as Paul Baloche and Amy Grant led worship.

Light of The World

There are a ton of other moments to blog…but with 2 hours of sleep and sitting quite red-eyed in the ATL airport…this is about all I can muster up.  By far the highlight of weekend though, enjoy.


Today Is The Day

25 06 2008

So I have a funny story about the Lincoln Brewster single “Today Is The Day” that is blowing up at iTunes right now…currently number 3 on the Christian single download charts!  We originally had a team member who didn’t want to go this early to iTunes since Lincoln Brewster was an established artist and “didn’t need to have additional exposure to the single this early.”

That is exactly the paradigm that the digital revolution has blown up…the power is not in the hands of the label to dictate when, how, and where the single will go out. The people have the power…and they want it now, and they want it easy.  Digital sales and distribution is now part of the marketing set up…its not something that you can hold out until just before the album drops.  The market won’t allow it…and i’d venture to say Lil Wayne’s strategy behind the single “Lollipop” was a main catalyst to a 1 million plus street week.

The root of this paradigm is fear.  It’s fear that control is not mandated by the label.  But the sad thing is the labels still have control…the control to embrace these new paradigms to serve the market.  Why wouldn’t i want the single for sale when its the most added song on Christian Radio and the artist is about to embark on a heavy festival/tour schedule???   The day labels and staffers think they will shape the market around their antiquated paradigms is the day they die in them.

There is no better marketing then a popping single.  And when you add that fans can get it now, and virally buzz about it even more…then you get a bigger & better street week.  It’s not rocket science, and most Labels get it…it’s still the die-hard staffers who will die in their paradigms.

Do you see opportunities or threats…it’s all a matter of perspective.  As a note of interest, Lincoln Brewster is honored to have this initial success…loves that the single is out and will promote it from every stage he’s on from now to the Sept. 23 street date.



And they all fall down…

24 06 2008

Up in the big Apple this week, NYC is always a fun time…you’d have to be near death not to enjoy everything this city brings.  Although, it’s pretty sad to see The Virgin Music Store in Times Square on it’s last legs trying to compete with the digital revolution.  Who ever is selling $10 stickers is making some money with Virgin.  If i didn’t know the name of the place, I would swear we walked in the Ten Dollar Store.  Who would have thought Steve’s decision to sell albums at $9.99 would eventually bring retail to it’s knees begging the world to still buy physical.

Now if Virgin was smart they would embrace the digital revolution, and created a lifestyle center destination…instead they embraced a dead vehicle and look at their future. Seriously, every person I saw yesterday was engaged in some device that was a digital platform for music.  Between ipods, mp3 players, and cell phones, everyone has something they can use to engage music.  Would it be that difficult to take a majority share of the floor space at Virgin to open the doors for people to come in, discover music, engage samples, and download what they want?

If Starbucks could do it with a floor space not much larger than this macked out room at the Best Western “The President” hotel that Brewster are livin large at…then why wouldn’t someone think forward a bit and make a deal with all the major DSPs, or the at least the big Gorilla iTunes.  I believe it you make the access easy, and content available, then it could feed a market who is ready to discover and download tracks, tones, videos, you name it.

Or you could just hold on to the deflating life boat until the sharks come to liquidate…and let iTunes remain the number one retailer of music period.

What’s Your Perspective

19 06 2008

Nuclear bomb or nuclear energy.  Computer hacker or computer programmer.  Digital revolution or disruptive technologies.  What is meant for good, can be used…or just seen as bad.  What’s your perspective?

1993…What kind of year was it for you.

18 06 2008

In the June 2008 “15 Year Anniversary” edition of Wired, Adam Rogers paints a story through an elaborate diagram illustrating technologies, discoveries, and inventions that would lead to the world we live in today.  Interestingly, the lines he draws map through a matrix (looking much like the Underground map in London) of necessary failures, personal touches, key discoveries, early potents, and stage setters.

If you see one laying around jump to page 166 for the two page spread.  It’s was like traveling down nostalgia road for me…but the enlightenment was in how much digital groundwork that would become foundations for where we are today.  So, how was 1993 for you? 

The Digital World of Medicine

17 06 2008

You have heard by now from the iPhone keynote highlights….Apple has secured 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies for the iPhone.  They are deploying the phone across their company so everyone from field reps to lab doctors will be connected with information at the speed of digital…with real time updates.

Now here is a picture of how it’s hitting home with me right now…

I like the fact that the same computer who checked my wife in for outpatient surgery, is connected to the one that Docs used in the operation room…and the one that I took a picture of in the recovery room.  I see the day coming where a handheld device garners the power of every medical book written to help the Doctors practice the science of medicine.  I have a feeling Apple will be along side in a big way….

A New OS Platform

11 06 2008

We are watching history unfold right before our eyes….and amazingly, it’s the third Mr. Steve Jobs has delivered it!  We all know what the mac did for graphic design, video, music studios, home computers, and the list goes on.  And, it’s not too hard to see what that little white headphoned digital player did to a fragmented industry.

Now we are seeing the SDK community gather around a new OS platform that is revolutionizing the mobile world as I write.  It’s funny to say, a mere 10 – 12 years ago this brick was cutting edge:

Now we have a smart phone that taps into lifestyle, enterprise, and pop culture at light speed.  Steve Jobs is the Wikipedia entry for Innovation! I’ll leave you with this quote from Jobs:

“Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It’s not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you’re led, and how much you get it.”
— Fortune, Nov. 9, 1998