And they all fall down…

24 06 2008

Up in the big Apple this week, NYC is always a fun time…you’d have to be near death not to enjoy everything this city brings.  Although, it’s pretty sad to see The Virgin Music Store in Times Square on it’s last legs trying to compete with the digital revolution.  Who ever is selling $10 stickers is making some money with Virgin.  If i didn’t know the name of the place, I would swear we walked in the Ten Dollar Store.  Who would have thought Steve’s decision to sell albums at $9.99 would eventually bring retail to it’s knees begging the world to still buy physical.

Now if Virgin was smart they would embrace the digital revolution, and created a lifestyle center destination…instead they embraced a dead vehicle and look at their future. Seriously, every person I saw yesterday was engaged in some device that was a digital platform for music.  Between ipods, mp3 players, and cell phones, everyone has something they can use to engage music.  Would it be that difficult to take a majority share of the floor space at Virgin to open the doors for people to come in, discover music, engage samples, and download what they want?

If Starbucks could do it with a floor space not much larger than this macked out room at the Best Western “The President” hotel that Brewster are livin large at…then why wouldn’t someone think forward a bit and make a deal with all the major DSPs, or the at least the big Gorilla iTunes.  I believe it you make the access easy, and content available, then it could feed a market who is ready to discover and download tracks, tones, videos, you name it.

Or you could just hold on to the deflating life boat until the sharks come to liquidate…and let iTunes remain the number one retailer of music period.