Today Is The Day

25 06 2008

So I have a funny story about the Lincoln Brewster single “Today Is The Day” that is blowing up at iTunes right now…currently number 3 on the Christian single download charts!  We originally had a team member who didn’t want to go this early to iTunes since Lincoln Brewster was an established artist and “didn’t need to have additional exposure to the single this early.”

That is exactly the paradigm that the digital revolution has blown up…the power is not in the hands of the label to dictate when, how, and where the single will go out. The people have the power…and they want it now, and they want it easy.  Digital sales and distribution is now part of the marketing set up…its not something that you can hold out until just before the album drops.  The market won’t allow it…and i’d venture to say Lil Wayne’s strategy behind the single “Lollipop” was a main catalyst to a 1 million plus street week.

The root of this paradigm is fear.  It’s fear that control is not mandated by the label.  But the sad thing is the labels still have control…the control to embrace these new paradigms to serve the market.  Why wouldn’t i want the single for sale when its the most added song on Christian Radio and the artist is about to embark on a heavy festival/tour schedule???   The day labels and staffers think they will shape the market around their antiquated paradigms is the day they die in them.

There is no better marketing then a popping single.  And when you add that fans can get it now, and virally buzz about it even more…then you get a bigger & better street week.  It’s not rocket science, and most Labels get it…it’s still the die-hard staffers who will die in their paradigms.

Do you see opportunities or threats…it’s all a matter of perspective.  As a note of interest, Lincoln Brewster is honored to have this initial success…loves that the single is out and will promote it from every stage he’s on from now to the Sept. 23 street date.