iPhone Period

10 06 2008

That’s it…the wait is over…they figured it out…jump in, or be one of those last ones in….the early adoption period is over, come to iPhone!  http://www.apple.com/iphone/gallery/ads/hallway/

What MySpace was really made for…

10 06 2008

The last few days have been rough for me, and of all things to lift my spirits….MySpace has been the catalyst. I should say the thing that MySpace was really made for is what actually helped pick me up. My good friend, fellow musician, and local band legend, Bo Roberts passed away about a week ago. Since then the local music community has moved to his MySpace, http://www.myspace.com/borobertsmusic , in a big way to pay homage to him.

I know this isn’t anything new or groundbreaking digital news. But it did remind me of what the heart of social networking. Where people can come together to share music, memories, and life. I can say for the families and friends it has been a place of comfort. So, tonight I’m thankful for the cyber social platforms like MySpace. And I’m even more thankful that I have a place where we all can gather to share stories about life.

Enjoy Everyday,

Analog Ostrich

7 06 2008

I had an interesting conversation with someone recently who I’ll refer to as Mr. Analog Ostrich.  In fact, at the mention of anything digital you would see this person quickly assume this position — 

I seriously thought for a minute that I was in a Twilight Zone episode.  Instead of thinking through solutions, methods, and opportunities the digital age brings…Mr. Ostrich was buried so far into the sand I couldn’t hardly make sense out of the conversation.

Either we are adapting or held prisoner to antiquated methods.  Either we are growing or standing still…which will eventually leave you dead.  With every negative from disruptive digital technologies comes 5 positives that must be embraced.  I suspect Mr. Ostrich will be working at the Home Depot in a few years, I’m thinking the home and garden section where digital is not to prominent….unless they need to check someone out!



DIY Digital

6 06 2008

Just because you have a computer, a “for dummies” book, internet connection, and a camera…does not qualify you to do web design!  Just ask Dr. Star at http://www.askdrstar.com

Anyone can throw some junk online…set up shop, and think they are a design house or consultant.   Just because I can doesn’t mean I should.   I have a car that could drive on a race track, doesn’t mean that I’m going to place in any race…or even make the first lap.  In the end, the best will always rise to the top. But in this age of DIY, there sure is a lot of noise out there.

Remember, friends don’t let friends do bad design!