30 07 2008

In my pursuit to build and execute the best marketing plans, I have realized it all really depends on relationships at the end of the day.

Relatioships with the community you are speaking to. Relationship with the gatekeepers in those communities. Relationship with the vendors you are using to send the message. Relationships with the artist you are marketing. Relationship with marketing elememts, technologies and channels. Relationship with the team who will execute the plans.

We are strenghtened by our relationship…we were created for relationship..our focus and time should be poured into them.

Apple Dock

29 07 2008

Here is a new tech that you won’t see anywhere else … The original Apple Dock, in Cupertino at One Infinite Loop


The Big HQ

29 07 2008


The Big Sign

The Big Sign

I’m here at Apple for some meetings, and yes…i’m the total nerd tourist who is in awe of being here at the big HQ.  See some shots below:



Log In At Apple

Log In At Apple



The Badge

The Badge



The Sign

The Sign

Everything Apple does is with a level of excellence and coolness that is above the competition.  I feel like I’ve made the pilgrimage, and I have fulfilled my calling 🙂

Your Platform

27 07 2008

Does your service, product, digital platform rise above the competition like this shot of Mt Rainer? If not, how are you changing towards that?


Joel Auge at The Gorge

25 07 2008

Joel Auge is a representation of how we should all approach our day, our profession, our sphere of influence.

He is a true servant. Instead of sleeping in at the hotel, waiting to come out for his appointed time at the Creation NW festival…where he will be served by all the production team and staffers. He chose to get up early instead and serve…not be served.

You’ll see a picture here of a servant heart who is using his talent to be a blessing to all the Creation staff in a time of devotion and worship.

How are you serving today? How are you blessing others with what you have?


If this is your business…

24 07 2008

I saw this as I was walking through the booming Mobile airport…and thought WOW! If this is your business you may want to rethink it…because I’m blogging this from my phone, and most travelers have this or some other portable connection type.


New Tech Tuesday — Can You Read Me Now

22 07 2008

Okay, so this edition of New Tech Tuesday isn’t about one technology, or a particular device.  No, it’s about a platform that is completely embedded in our lives….Text Messaging!

I heard this morning that China has 600 million cell phone users, which is 3 times the amount of internet users in the country.  Of course, you know Asia is way beyond the U.S. when it comes to Mobile technologies and usage…with the exception of the little company in Cupertino, with the partially eaten apple.  They are a bit in front of the technology curve.

So, already in China we are seeing all classes of society embracing the texting technology.  Companies are emerging with canned poems and love messages.  How soon will it be before Hallmark cashes in on this new platform…and we start sending birthday wishes, breaking-up with you messages?  With companies like Twitter and Mozes the revolution has begun.

What are you saying in 140 characters (70 in China) or less?  How is your business communicating to your community on this platform?


18 07 2008

What we need is another “i” invention/product that will make the world a better place. In the wide ecosystem that supports the big Apple “i” there is nothing like this.

Check it out


16 07 2008

I have the new 3G iPhone…and it’s my first iPhone experience (I know you’d think the digital guy would have been an early adopter…but i’m glad i waited 🙂

I love Apple products!  There is nothing else in the electronics/computing world that is better designed, packaged, or integrated.  The way this iPhone automatically syncs everything is amazing.  I thought it would be a drawn out process with IT to get my email synced up…just as I was on the call with them….assuming there would be a process…i fired up the email.

Within 3 seconds…all email was coming in!!!  Not setup required, God Bless Mac!!! Steve Jobs for President.

New Tech Tuesday — Radiohead, The New Pioneers

15 07 2008

So you have this little band Radiohead who have now turned the music industry on it’s head through a series of calculated moves.  First, the “pay what you want,” business model…and now open code video play with Google

And it’s just a >way cool video concept all the way around– almost 200k views in a couple of days.

The Google Gadget page has an in-browser data viewer for viewing and interacting with the video. The player is Flash-based, so you can zoom with the mouse wheel, or click-and-drag to move it around. WAY COOL!!!

These guys are becoming the “give the power to the people” band.  Which either breaks your paradigm or sends you running scared.  They are releasing the video’s data so that developers can remix it and make their own variations of the music video.  I never was really into Radiohead before, but I have to admit that these kinds of digital plays is making me more aware/exposed…and now I’m becoming a radiohead!