Sucess or Failure

30 08 2008

Success and failure….what lies between the two is the execution. The biggest plans, vision, direction all are suceptible to the work and follow through.

Great success comes with vision executed with precision. So, where do you live this week?

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New Tech Tuesday — Text Walking

27 08 2008

Okay, texting is not a new technology….but doing it while walking, well take a look at this NPR post.

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23 08 2008

What is your community? Where are they in your next digital marketing plan?

Are You In Digital Shape

21 08 2008

Okay, so I titled this in a way that I’m feeling totally convicted for not blogging the last…uh, i’m embarrased to say weeks! I’m the fat out of shape digital dude right now.  But, a thought I had on the way back from a way cool Brooke Fraser show at the HOB New Orleans I stopped at a McDonalds in Slidell.

What I saw blew me away.  There was a kid section with touch screen TV / Computer stations.  They were way ahead of any fast food joint…if I had more time in the New Orleans airport I’d post a picture.  But, actually this brings out a very good point, McDonald’s is doing a horrible job of promoting this. I can find nothing online that points to this groundbreaking installation.

Nonetheless, these guys are forward thinking. In great digital shape, they even have their podcast in place.  Where are you this week?  Where is your company? Don’t let Mc’D’s make you look like a chump!

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Bridges or Walls

8 08 2008

Either you are building bridges or walls. Your actions, strategies, and relationships fall into these two areas. What are you building today?

Product Survival

4 08 2008

I was walking through the mall this weekend, which by the way is not the place to be when they have a tax-free “back to school” weekend.  Something struck me as I was making my way towards the toy store.  What used to be just your ordinary pretzel shop, has branched into some new product offerings.  Enter, the stuffed pretzel…never knew they existed.

What struck me, was how they managed to stick to the core competency while offering something new…and what would seem to be a be a better margin with the increased retail price.  If you walk through any toy store these days you will see this product evolution/survival all over the place.  From the game “Operation” to “Legos” to “Monopoly” you see products and brands that have evolved.

The key to survival for these products is not coming up with 5 new things to add to it.  It’s not a refreshing of the packaging.  It’s not a departure from the core product.  No, I believe they all survived because the evolution was relevant to the core community while allowing growth into a new communities.

Lets face it, the 7 – 12 year old demographic in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are all quite different.  If your product is talking to a community that has matured outside of your product demographic, then death is near.  It may be a slow death, but the horsemem cometh 🙂

What is your product message?  What does it say to it’s core demographic?  What is the next generation of customers looking for?  If your product or company is past the 7 year mark you should be asking yourself what the product devolopment plan will be in the next 7 years.  I work in the music business, and these questions weren’t asked in time for the digital revolution.  Now we are all catching up…don’t let your company get caught sleeping.