G1 Arrives with iMeem…let’s get ready to rumble!

23 10 2008

Okay, so G1 has arrived and packaged nicely with an exclusive application built in the Google Android open source application language.  What does this mean for the consumer, well it poises them out of the chute with a strong music recommendation/discovery platform with hooks into the Amazon MP3 store (BTW, if you are one of the few people who hasn’t bought Nickleback’s “All The Right Reasons” album you can get it on Amazon for $2 cheaper than iTunes…$7.99 special.)

Will this be the end of the iPhone empire that is well established…hmmm, well time will tell.  I believe the price point will help, but to remain competitive with Apple they will have to really ramp up the product development timeline.  Here is a great comparison on the two phones…in the world of Mobile Phones / Apps, i’d say “game on.”  Let’s get ready to rumble!

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2 responses

24 10 2008

One problem = T-Mobile
Not enough of a user base to pose a current threat to iPhone.
If they would have partnered with Verizon. Kaboom!

24 10 2008

T-Mobile today…all carriers next. I think they have all the pieces to make it something that will level the playing field…maybe the keys won’t freeze in the middle of typing…and a keypad, yes I miss the keypad.

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