The River Flow

29 11 2008

Okay, blog break is over…I’m back on it…with no excuse since I have the wordpress app on the phone.

Just a quick thought this morning. There is a river described to the old testament prophet Ezekiel, in the 47th chapter of his book. It’s a river where life is sustained and fruit abounds. A picture of God in our lives, and the blessings that come from him.

So, I took a minute to list out all of the life giving aspects of God throughout my life (appropriate around Thanksgiving :-), which for me was really saving grace. Left to my own stupidity and self destruction, I would have been gone a long time ago.

Then I listed out all of the fruit bearing aspects of God in my life. I called these victories, because so many of them dealt with overcoming…which was truly only by His strength in my life. Which set me up to do things in life that were in aligement with His will and purpose.

It was a good exercise, one that makes you realize God’s continual pursuit in your life. He doesn’t change. His charecteristics are the same today as they were in the days of Ezekiel. His river still flows in our lives to bring life. His river doesn’t move, we must move towards it. We must take up residence where it flows.

Take a minute to list out God’s flow of blessings in your life. It’s good to recognize and remember how much God has provided.


Accomplishments and Change

23 11 2008

I saw a great fortune cookie message Friday that read “don’t worry about stock market investments, invest in family.”. Thought it was quite timely considering the economy these days.

In digging around for that fortune message, for a picture in this blog…I found these two. Yes I tend to keep some of the good ones…it’s like a Chinese tweet 🙂

These are actually profound statements. Every change that is for the better will require a great amount of work. They don’t come easy. But, in the end the results can be a great accomplishment.

What change are you working on this week? Don’t be discouraged, press on until you see it happen. And remember thsese two statements.



Safety and Danger

21 11 2008


I’m sitting here this morning thinking about the men who shaped the first movement of Christianity in the book of Acts. I can’t help but ask myself the question, “Am I living dangerously for the Kingdom of God?” In fact, am I actually ushering in the Kingdom at all? Or am I just going over the playbook and doing my spiritual exercises….I wonder.

For some of these guys in Acts it cost them everything. It cost them comfort, convenience, and ultimately their lives. They weren’t complacent, they maximized every opportunity. They were on a course marked out for them, and they were determined to spread the good news.

I’m on a course, as we all are, that has been marked out for us. I wonder if I’m running the course or struggling to crawl at times. Am I making the mileage splits that God had purposed for me? The thing with mileage splits when you’re running is you’re always pushing the envelope to beat the last one. Am I moving forward, picking up momentum, or am I living like a safe Christian.

I have a some mates down under who wrote a great song declaring what we should all be…what the men of Acts were doing, and what we’re called to be today in our worlds.

If people are questioning you…If you feel like it’s a climb up Mt. Saint Helens…if it’s hard and costly…if it feels like everything is working against you…if you are being stretched…if you’re outside your comfort zone….then, i believe that is truly when we are loving wrecklessy…that’s when we are living dangerously for the Kingdom cause. That’s when God shows up big time, so the world can’t deny His had is all over it.

That’s how massive moves of God marked the old and new testaments. That is what I pray we can see today in our world. We need it, and it all starts with each one of us living the gospel of love. Love is dangerous.

Live Your Worship,

You Know Her Songs, Chat With Her Live…

19 11 2008

Kari Jobe, the voice behind this amazing song,

Will be chatting live this Tuesday about her new single “I’m Singing,” which was co-written with Chris Tomlin. Don’t miss this chance to see a live webcast and chat with Kari Jobe. Take a listen to the new single here.

Here’s the details on the live webcast:


1.6 Million Reasons Why Meetings Need To Be Productive

19 11 2008

“The cost of unproductive meetings can be very high. A study of salaries and benefits from unproductive meetings involving 16 members of one company’s information technology department over a year showed unproductive meetings were costing the company $1.6 million per year.” — Mississippi Business Journal

You all have been there…the dreaded umpteenth meeting for the day, and nothing is happening!  I thought this was an interesting fact in to what unproductive meetings really cost a company.  Here’s my suggestions to help move meetings into something productive:

1. Have a clear agenda

2. Invite only the people who need to be there

3. Tell the people what they need to prepare for in advance

4. Start on time

5. Have a designated note take

6. Limit discussions to agenda items

7. Keep the meeting moving through the agenda

8. Define action steps and follow-ups for attendees

9. End on time 

10. Send out follow up email to attendees with meeting notes, assigned action steps, and follow-ups

And the golden rule, don’t call a meeting for something that can be handled on a conference call or email exchange.  In the end, everyone is happier…meetings are productive, and people can focus on work loads.

Out of the meeting,


What A Recession or Unemployment can produce

18 11 2008

For all of you out there who look at unemployment or recession times as doom and gloom…here is something that came out of the writer’s strike in Hollywood.  Check out Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long blog.


Meatball Sundae Wisdom

14 11 2008

If you haven’t read the book “Meatball Sundae” from Seth Godin…go get it. While he is the guru of marketing, social media, and new marketing theory…..this book applies to anyone who works in business really. Because the best companies are one with their marketing….their products are an extension of the marketing that is built to lead and serve a community.

Here are the top 10 things I learned from this book:

1) Given enough choices, people will make choices
2) When authentic stories match our world view, we’ll believe it
3) Human nature and new marketing allows us to express that nature
4) Stories spread…not facts
5) We have extremely short attention spans because of massive clutter
6) New marketing says its not an organization, it’s a movement…create a movement around your product or services
7) Ideas that spread through groups of people are more powerful than ideas that are marketed at people
8) Movements are at the heart of change and growth….more powerful than any advertising
9) The internet has nothing to do with what the movement is, it provides the vehicle for the movement to take place
10) Old style organizations and powerful movements can’t co-exist in the same company…successful marketers will make the distinction and serve a movement.

I’m focussing now on ways to do this through the vehicles our digital worlds provide. It all starts with a great product and/or service. There is a community out there for it. How will you serve them? How will you lead them? How will you equip them to propel the movement?



13 11 2008

“But when ever anyone turns to the Lord, then the veil is removed. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the spirit of the Lord is, He gives Freedom. And all of us here had that veil removed. So we can become mirror that brightly reflect the glory of God. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like Him and reflect His glory even more. — 2 Corinthians 3:16-18

If only we walked around in our day to day interaction with people like this truth resounds! Imagine a big flashing sign that said “God’s glory reflected here” always blinking above our head each day. According to the word, the veil is gone, and we are all mirrors. Which means we are going to reflect something. Will it be God’s glory and victory?

Will the reflection be influenced by situations or circumstances? Everyday, every opportunity is a chance for us to reflect God…and we know what His picture is, it’s simply agape love. One that doesn’t have conditions or preconceived notions. It’s a love that acts out of who you are, not how you feel.

Will you be the reflection of Him in everything you do today?

Thinking about HIs Love,

Job Description and Marketing Attitude

13 11 2008

Seth Godin continues to amaze me with his great insight to marketing…one of his best posts in recent times is here describing what a job description should look like in marketing these days…and what all marketer attitudes should reflect.


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Kari Jobe Kickin’ It On The Digital Front

11 11 2008

Kari Jobe is an amazing worship leader from Gateway Church. She is well known for songs like “No Sweeter Name,” and “Revelation Song.” I’m totally pumped about the new album that is coming. Check out the new single “I’m Singing” on her myspace.

Kari has a great calling on her life, and I know she will be a blessing through ministry. Follow her twitter here, and check out the first video blog.