I’m A Knock Off Without Original Thought…

11 11 2008

That’s my translation for the unbelievable attempt from Microsoft to counter the infamous Mac commercials. They’ve even launched the life without walls site. To try some new marketing methods…hoping their community will support the site with content that will spin up numbers like YouTube.

Microsoft broke the rule number one in marketing, don’t run a counter attack ad campaign against your competition. It ultimately paints a picture that says your company’s best platform is to counter attack. Focus on who you are, not who the compreition says you are.

Where’s the focus on new features/functionality with Vista? How about trying to cross brand some other products that could use the boost…like Zune.

I could spend 2 minutes right now and probably come up with 25 ideas that would advertise valuable features of the product. Instead, Microsoft came with an ad campaign that screams “I’m a knock-off without any original though!”

Leave the knock-off campaigns to guys like this on YouTube who can get 1 million plus hits (versus 600k+ on Windows YouTube channel) …because it’s FUNNY…NOT A REAL AD CAMPAIGN 🙂

Be Original This Week,





One response

11 11 2008

or spend all that money that is going into advertising and use it on actually fixing a broken product.

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