Rise Above

7 01 2009

I ran across a great blog today…that I unfortunately can’t link here since I’m blogging off my iPhone (thanks for leaving off the copy & paste function Steve Jobs!)

The quote essentially said maeketers and companies need to approach social networks like you would real social environments. Where you have a conversation. You listen and talk. You don’t walk up to a social group setting a d whip out all of your photos, journals, products for sale. The bloggers great quote was, “marketers need to take a ‘let’s sit down and have a cup of coffee and get to know each other’ approach.”. (I’ll add trackback and links when i’m at the computer)

I would add there is a layer of marketers and companies who are in the business of pushing content through these networks. They are creating clouds of noise in the networks that users navigate through or just plain ignore. In the words of my wife, “how much flair requests do we really need on Facebook?!?”

I think this shot of Mt Rainer on my way into Seattle illustrates my point. The clouds are the noise from marketers and companies peddling their stuff. The large mountain peak is where I want to be as a marketer. I want to create an engaging atmosphere that is above the noise. A place where content is relevant and engaging…and above all else a place where I can get to know the people at the “social.”

Relationships, feedback, interaction, engagement, real friendships, valid networks, communities, and tribes (hats off to Seth Godin for a great book) is what I want to cultivate from social media marketing. I want to rise above the noise so I can have a relaxing cup of coffee with new friends.

My goal this year is a picture of this…Rise Above.

Breathe In & Smile Out,