Steadfast Love

10 02 2009

Following God, being a true disciple requires committment, follow-through, and faithfulness. When you look in Chronicles, it’s easy to get all pumped up to make a turn towards God…a move to repentance. But, when we don’t lay it all on the altar, when we don’t look for all the false idols/distractions…when we don’t continue to crucify our selfish desires, we allow the enemy a foothold to creep back in. We fall back to being warm, not pumped up and hot for God.

As in Chronicles, it usually ends with a fall back to where we were. Which is always further away from God. It happens subtly, before we know it we are distant.

God’s love is steadfast…always red hot for us. His promise…is independant of anything we try to earn or achieve. His truth, His DNA, His charecter, is Love. We bow down to a God who is Love.

Breathe In & Smile Out