Life Slides

21 02 2009

I recentlt had a picture of how God journeys with us through life. I watched a huge inflatable slide as fathers and sons got up and slide down over and over again. Each time the same wide eyed excitement and smiles filled the air. Occasionally there was the scared kid who cried their way down…but they were fine as they arrived at the bottom to a big embrace from their father.

The picture I saw through it all was an image of our heavenly father. How He goes down the slides of life with us. Gently bringing us to the slides that are going to lead is the right way, but ultimately letting us decide the slides we want to ride. Some slides lead us down to trouble. Some take us off track. Some lift us up and over to where we need to be.

One thing is certain, God our father rides down everyone with us. He’s there with a safe warm embrace on the ride that leave us in fear. He always there with us, enjoying the ride.

Breathe In & Smile Out,