Reject Passivity

17 05 2009

It’s the original sin. It is the fall of man. It is ugly and subtle. Passivity is where Adam stood as he watched Eve take that bite. And just as we still do thousands of years later, when questioned why we were passive we point the finger away from us. I found this sketch from SZOeptic online when googling passivity images:

Passivity will precede missed opportunities. Passivity will precede corruption. Passivity will precede failure. I believe it is the main reason the church in the west is going through an awakening. We held to our passivity that created cages around our faith. In the words of Mark Batterson we practiced “cageianity” not christianity. Pick up “Wild Goose Chase” if you want to be inspired to adventure.

My point is passivity creeps up in our lives subtly. It slowly chips away at our spirit. If you are a father or mother, take an active role in parenting. If you are a spouse, take an active role in serving your significant other. If you are a team leader take an active role in developing your team. If you are a project manager, take an active role. The list goes on and on.

If you think you are taking that active role…pause a second, and really examine yourself. WE ALL battle passivity. It hides in the shadows. Be intentional this week to sniff it out, and REJECT PASSIVITY.

Breathe In & Smile Out,