Beauty Stolen

26 06 2009

So many of you know the beach is my spot. It’s one of the main (or only reasons) to live in an area of the country where the humidity and temperature can both hit triple digits…and often do.

This morning I woke up early as usual to catch God’s handy work in the skies. As you can see the view from the front porch was amazing. Just as I’m breathing it all in and sighing away the stress from the week…BAM!! Or I should say BATS!

They were dong their last fly arounds of the night before working their way into the roofline hole a few feet away. Now if you know me, you know I don’t dig on anything flying around me…near me…or on me!

So I wandered down the walkway to the front of the condo building where I could take in the beach and the intercoastal river. Also where I would meet one of these blood sucking creatures face to face! Just as I got there…again breathing in God’s beauty…BAT! He buzzed my head…flew back and landed at my feet. Miraculously I didn’t scream like a girl…but I did spill half my coffee. Fear and anger swelled within as I scurried back to the condo…hearing little bat squeks all the way.

So my point to all this is we have an enemy who wants to steal beauty. At every turn in life he is there to destroy it…especially God’s beauty that is connectng with our spirit. The enemy knows our fears and will use them to steal the beauty.

I wish I could say I rebuked the bats…they all fell dead immediately and my beautiful view was restored. I did find refuge on the back porch…with a great view…and realization that God’s beauty doesn’t end where the enemy tries to steal it.

His beauty goes with us. It surrounds us. It dwells within us. It provides a place of shelter and refuge if we seek it.

Find your beauty this week, don’t let the enemy steal it…and don’t think bats are cute…they are ugly God forsaken creatures up close 🙂

Breathe In & Smile Out,