The Power of One (Group of Kids)

20 07 2009

Love the heart and passion these kids show….especially at the the end in the free-flow section. Make a difference, be the ONE

Breathe In & Smile Out

Happy Belated Birthday

13 07 2009

You have come a long way in just one year….hope there are many more “game changing” years ahead!

Picture 1

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Really…Have We Stooped This Low

9 07 2009

ummm…words can’t describe…i must say I thought this was a SNL commercial skit, but as the commercial rolled on….i realized we have stooped this low.

Picture 1

Two Obama’s to choos from, and full on website.


Mogwai “The Hawk Is Howling”

8 07 2009

This was my jam yesterday as I worked through my least favorite program Excel. They came up in my slacker custom radio for MuteMath. They have a great catalog of intrumental mood rock / prog rock / slash cool groove. Here is a non-official Mogwai YouTube music vid for the song…no real video, just the album image for the latest “The Hawk Is Howling” ’08 release.

Enjoy, check them out on MySpace.

Faith Flight

1 07 2009

I’m on a plane often, and each time there is something magical & mysterious to me. I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve been flying since I can remember, so the newness has worn off long ago. Still, every time I fly there is a sense of wonder. The last time I flew this picture was a source of inspiration.


It’s a picture of the pilot in the cockpit before take off. I had to sneak it so I wouldn’t be thrown off the plane for some TSA federal violation. What you see is glimpse of the pilot’s elbow and a little of the controls. Which actually helps my illustration here.

Our faith is a lot like this picture. We climb the airplane of faith with God as our pilot. We take our seats with the assurance that we are heading to our destination. We can’t get there on our own, and we’re not assured it’s going to a smooth ride. We aren’t even assured we’ll make it on our timeline. These days, that seems to be a real truth. In fact, we aren’t assured that we’ll make it there.

God promises to take us where we need to be. He promises we will arrive where He wants us to as we place our faith in Him. He knows where to go, how to get there, where we need to land, and when we need to arrive. All He asks us to do is take the journey with Him. Climb on and have faith in Him.

Sometimes the hardest thing is not knowing. The ride can be bumpy. The thoughts can be scary. What is holding you back from taking off with God this week?

Breathe In & Smile Out,