The Temple

25 11 2009

God is very interested in the details. When you take a look at the instructions for the tabernacle tent God instructed in Exodus, up to the Temple design God gave David to pass onto Solomon…we see a God who loves precison and excellence.

He called for the best materials. He called for the best craftsmen. He called for everyone to give their all. The level of excellence was not lost in the details….it was amplified.

The result was a place of His presence, a place of worship like no other. It’s no different today for us. God is still interested in the details. He is still involved in every little intricacy.

God still wants the Tabernacle…His Temple, to be a spectacular display of His presence to dwell. The only difference today is we are the temple! He is still involved in every detail of the constuction…but the materials are our lives. We have a master builder in the Holy Spirit who is working to make our temples excellent.

It was Paul’s instruction to the Corinthians. It’s the cry in Romans 12:1 that calls us to this true act of worship. It’s not all on us, God is just as involved as He was in the old testament! The materials and the methods have just become personalized.

Breathe In & Smile Out,



One response

30 11 2009
Aaron Lewis

Great posting. I think that so many Christians try to get away with not being good enough. I am not speaking of salvation in any way, what I am talking about is the excellence by which we live our lives and conduct ourselves. Churches should be the best ran organizations in the world, Christians should be the most creative and so on. Christians so often give what we have (which isn’t much) and leave it up to God to make something great out of it. God can and does make great things out of the crap we give Him, but what if we brought greatness and excellence to Him? Would others see our desire to be great (for God of course) and be drawn in? Maybe, but there is only one way to find out. Try it!

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