Wave good-bye to email

2 01 2010

Tis the season for all the new predictions…which with a new decade we get a double dose of what’s to come this year and this decade.  This year will be one filled with many firsts for me both personally and professionally.  A year where I will lead the @integritymusic digital team to another “first” in technology for the Christian Music industry.  That’s what makes this career a calling…where passion is unleashed.

Okay, now to the reason for the blog post.  Instead of joining the thousands of thinkers, bloggers, and industry superstars in their lists of predictions I will drop a few posts this month with areas I think will make big impacts.  The Google Wave is one of those.

The days of traditional email will end this decade.  Google has some serious investment into this new platform that takes chat, email, IM, and social media to the next level.  Read all about it here.  My prediction is the only area life where email will limp along in survival mode will be the office (traditional that is).  New thinking, younger businesses will catch the wave and set up internal networks to leverage the real-time interaction.  I hope I’m serving in a company with the latter philosophy this decade.

As a marketer I know e-lists won’t be the primary direct contact for much longer.  There are generations here and coming that won’t/don’t care about an email address.  The only @ symbol that is relevant to them is their twitter account…where they control direct messaging.

Renting e-lists will become the antiquated marketing medium print advertising has become.  If you have opted-in lists that you built with a base of people who value the communication….those lists will survive longer.  If you aren’t looking for other platforms, technologies, and networks to manage your push marketing….your message will die with e-mail.  If you’re inbound marketing efforts aren’t driving people to a place of engagement where they can opt-in on multiple communication technologies and networks….your efforts will die a slow & expensive death.

Exciting times.  Massive opportunity.  Fast changing marketing arenas.  The challenges are opportunities.  Make a difference this year & decade!

Breathe In & Smile Out,