10 Primal Days — Change of Heart

5 01 2010

The primal thought for today is around the heart.  In the second chapter of Primal, Mark Batterson jumps into the first element of the great commandment, love God with all your heart.  He details the perception problem that Christianity has in the world.  We are known too often for what we stand against rather that what we stand for.  Batterson nails it in this passage:

I believe that Scripture is the inspired Word of God, right down to the jot and tittle.  That mans that even word sequence is significant.  And when Jesus reveals the four primal elements of love, the heart comes first. I’m afraid that the Western church has tried to engage our culture mind-first instead of heart first.  But minds often remain closed to truth until hearts have been opened by compassion.  There is certainly a place for logical, left-brained explanations of faith.  But compassion is the ultimate apologetic. There is no defense against it.

He goes on to illustrate stories of in the Bible and modern day disciples who have made compassion their priority.  People who have “had a broken heart for the things that break God’s heart.” The real challenge comes when we ask ourselves what are we going to do with that heart tug! If we really love God with all of our heart what actions does that create in our lives?

One of my favorite quotes from Batterson comes from this chapter, “Anyone can put on an act.  But your reactions reveal what is really in your heart.  And if you love God with all your heart, you won’t just act like it.  You’ll react like it.” That one hits home because I can look back and see where I’ve missed the mark there so many times.  There is nothing like feeling convicted, then reacting the right way to the initial bad reaction.

It all comes with a heart connection with God. It’s renewal.  It’s restoration.  It’s a daily walk with a God who poured out His heart for us so we can pour it out for Him in our lives.  What is your change of heart that will bring you closer to the loving God with all your heart?  What steps do you need to take to pursue that God-sized heart compassion outreach?

Breathe In & Smile Out,