10 Primal Days — Wants and Focus

6 01 2010

The bottom line is this: your focus determines your reality. If you focus on your wants, enough will never be enough. And your heart will get smaller and smaller.  If you focus on the needs of others, you’ll discover that you have more than enough.  If you focus on the hear and now, you’ll try to hang on to everything you have.  But if you focus on eternity you’ll give away everything you’ve got.

Mark Batterson puts this all in focus as he travels through the third chapter of Primal.  This is where compassion turns into generous action.  It’s the message most preachers dread talking about.  It’s the sermon that make the congregation squirm a little.  Where we invest, how we steward these resources will have Kingdom impacts….it will ultimately have eternal impacts. What it is really about Batterson paints vividly with these words:

Faith equals God-ordained risks in the face of fear. Obedience equals God-honoring decisions in the face of temptation. And compassion equals Spirit-prompted generosity in the face of greed.

What obstacles are in the way of your generosity? Where is the Spirit pulling you to be compassionate? I believe these opportunities come everyday at some level.  I pray God will open my eyes and heart to them.

Breathe In & Smile Out,