10 Primal Days — Sense of Wonder

7 01 2010

For this primal day I’m taking a look at Mark Batterson’s dive into loving God with all your mind. Chapter 4 in the book Primal walks through inspiration throughout creation.  Here is some great perspective from a passage:

Is anything more natural than unadulterated awe in response to the Creator and His creation?  Is any emotion more primal than wonder?  It is the Creator’s righteous reaction to His own creation, and maybe that is why we feel so spiritual when we watch an ocean sunrise or summit a mountain or stand in the shadow of a giant sequoia.  Our reaction is a godly reaction.  We are doing exactly what God was doing in the beginning.

What wonder is God showing you this week?  Have you slowed down long enough to take it in?  We are surrounded by His beauty, and it’s for our pleasure.

Breathe In & Smile Out,