10 Primal Days — Live It Out

8 01 2010

The quest for the lost soul of Christianity always leads us back to the Bible.  Bud rediscovering the wonders of Scripture requires more than reading.  That’s where the quest begins, but that’s not where it ends. Not if you want to get it into your soul.  You have to meditate on it.  Then you have to live it out.  Meditating on it runs one-dimensional knowledge into two-dimensional understanding.  Living it out turns two-dimensional understanding into three-dimensional obedience.

Mark Batterson has a great perspective on living out faith in this 5th chapter of Primal.  You can’t just take in the word and not live it out.  We aren’t called to be the Dead Sea where the water only comes in and never leaves….leaving a stagnant body of water where nothing can live.

What are you meditating on this week?  How are you living it out?

Breathe In & Smile Out,