10 Primal Days — All Your Mind

9 01 2010

Mark Batterson takes a look at loving God with all you mind in chapter 6 of Primal. That means asking the hard questions. Exploring curiosity and starting a dialogue with God. Some great quotes from Batterson here:

When you try to cram truth into the mind, it rarely gets past the short-term memory.  And it definitely doesn’t get into the soul…I’m afraid we’ve lost our holy curiosity.  We’ve settled for thoughtless theologies and mindless methodologies.

The quest for the lost soul of Christianity is  a quest driven by questions…Holy curiosity asks the tough questions, the honest questions, the questions everyone else is afraid to ask. God isn’t threatened by those questions.  He loves them.

What questions do you have? What are you wrestling with this week?

Breathe In & Smile Out,