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24 04 2010

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Women In Worship

7 04 2010

I love working at Integrity Music for more reasons than I can list in this blog.  One of the main reasons is because of amazing men and women of God who are serving in ministries that are touching the heartbeat of what God desires.  One of these amazing women is Vicky Beeching.  Take a look at this story behind her ministry here:

Vicky has a heartbeat for women who serve in worship leading roles & women who love to worship. She created this site for that community.  She’s interviewed people like Audrey Assad, Mia Fieldes and Rita Springer. It’s truly an honor to serve along side people like Vicky who are dedicating their lives to build the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God!  Check out here latest album “Eternity Invades” this week, a great collection of new worship songs to encourage and bless.

Breathe In & Smile Out,



4 04 2010

This is a special time of year for me for a lot of reasons.  I think about everything God has done in my life…everything He has saved me from…redeemed me from…and ultimately renewed me to…and it’s Glorious!

One of the special memories was born 13 years ago on Good Friday, when I proposed to Wendy in a small church after giving my testimony.  All of my family was there, and I still thank God she cried out a “yes” to my biggest question.  One year later we were married on Easter weekend, and we spent our first day married on Easter.  It has been an amazing journey ever since.

I pray you are having a great Easter Sunday.  I hope you see a risen Savior who loved you best at your worst.  I hope you arise new today, and celebrate what a Glorious picture of Love He painted for us!  As I play “Glorious” this morning in church I will be thinking about all of these things.  I have to privilege and honor of working with guys like Paul Baloche.  This album came out last year after Easter, so this year it will be the first Easter many will probably experience it.  Take a listen to the song story, and watch Paul and the band play it live.  Enjoy all that God has blessed you with, and celebrate a Glorious…Risen Savior!

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Who Are You?

1 04 2010

A simple question.  One that people search their whole life to answer.  Tonight I sit back and wonder about that question for a person who gave birth to me.  Someone I haven’t really known for 20 years.  I go about my days and don’t give much thought to it…most days.  Tonight, it’s hit me differently for some reason.  I have one Facebook picture and some status updates to unpack the mystery.  In the end though, it’s still a mystery.

As I looked at my children tucked in, sleeping peacefully, I wondered how a parent could ever drift into such disconnect.  The last question I ever want my kids to ask is, who are you?  I cherish every minute…every day…every precious memory.  I will never leave them wondering what happened to Dad.  I will never leave them with a lingering thought of “who is he?”