Women In Worship

7 04 2010

I love working at Integrity Music for more reasons than I can list in this blog.  One of the main reasons is because of amazing men and women of God who are serving in ministries that are touching the heartbeat of what God desires.  One of these amazing women is Vicky Beeching.  Take a look at this story behind her ministry here:

Vicky has a heartbeat for women who serve in worship leading roles & women who love to worship. She created this site for that community.  She’s interviewed people like Audrey Assad, Mia Fieldes and Rita Springer. It’s truly an honor to serve along side people like Vicky who are dedicating their lives to build the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God!  Check out here latest album “Eternity Invades” this week, a great collection of new worship songs to encourage and bless.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Lion Chaser’s Manifesto

24 02 2010

Got this from a friend today….great manifesto from the Mark Batterson “In A Pit With A Lion On a Snowy Day.”


Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Set God-sized goals.

Pursue God-ordained passions.

Go after a dream that is destined to fail without divine intervention.

Keep asking questions.

Keep making mistakes.

Keep seeking God.

Stop pointing out problems and become part of the solution.

Stop repeating the past and start creating the future.

Stop playing it safe and start taking risks.

Expand your horizons.

Accumulate experiences.

Enjoy the journey.

Find every excuse you can to celebrate everything you can.

Live like today is the first day and last day of your life. Don’t let what’s wrong with you keep you from worshipping what’s right with God.

Burn sinful bridges.

Blaze a new trail.

Criticize by creating.

Worry less about what people think and more about what God thinks.

Don’t try to be who you’re not.

Be yourself.

Laugh at yourself.

Quit holding out.

Quit holding back.

Quit running away.

Chase the lion!

Breathe In & Chase Out,

The Voice New Testament Bible

2 02 2010

I recently joined the blog team at Thomas Nelson, now I’m an official book sneezer 🙂 This is my debut blog review of their new bible translation called The Voice.  It’s a fresh look at the new testament through the Liberating King, Jesus Christ, and His Church.  The unique approach that really sets this translation apart from others is the collaboration between scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets, and other artists.  They use a combination of italics and outlined boxes to give relative context to the passages while using a screenplay format to emphasize a fresh expression of a timeless narrative.

There are so many passages in this Bible that are worth mentioning.  They take a timeless truth, the familiar words, and paint a new picture.  Here is one of my favorite passages and example of this uniqueness:

Through this man we all receive gifts of grace beyond our imagination. He is the Voice of God.  You see, Moses gave us rules to live by, but Jesus, the Liberating King, offered the gifts of grace and truth which make life worth living.  God, unseen until now, is revealed in the Voice, God’s only Son, straight from the Father’s heart. — John 1:16-18
The contributors to this Bible do a really good job of  taking the narratives to a place of meaning and experience where it touches the soul in a new way.  They take the greatest story ever told and make a real storytelling experience through the new testament.  It’s the most creative approach to a translation I’ve seen since Peterson’s “The Message.”
If you are looking for a new testament Bible that is creative, stimulating, transforming, faithful to the original manuscripts, and very readable then The Voice won’t disappoint you.  Click here to get a copy from Thomas Nelson.
Breathe In & Smile Out,

Today is The Day … Yesterday

26 01 2010

Look who stopped by Joel’s little church in Houston yesterday…

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Hope, Encouragement, Power & Authority

24 01 2010

If I could just use 4 words to describe the holy word of God, it would be Hope, Encouragement, Power and Authority. That’s the message…that is what I run to…that is what I stand on.

“I appeal to you, dear brothers and sisters, by the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in harmony with each other. Let there be no divisions in the church. Rather, be of one mind, united in thought and purpose.”  ~ 1 Corinthians 1:10

“But to those called by God to salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, Christ is the power of God and the wisdom of God. This foolish plan of God is wiser than the wisest of human plans, and God’s weakness is stronger than the greatest of human strength.” ~ 1 Corinthians 1:24-25

The last thing God told Moses before he left the top of Mt. Sinai were these instructions on the Sabbath.

“You have six days each week for your ordinary work, but the seventh day must be a Sabbath day of complete rest, a holy day dedicated to the Lord. Anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.” ~Exodus 31:15

The Sabbath is an important par of our covenant with God.  For a day dedicated to this will bring Hope, Encouragement, Power & Authority.  As we live that out, wisdom comes.  God will take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  He takes the impossible and makes the possible.  He takes the faithful hearts and blesses the generations with Hope, Encouragement, Power & Authority.

What 4 words would you use to describe the holy word of God? Are you living in those words today?

Breathe In & Smile Out,


The Cry, The Voice, The Conversation

22 01 2010

I was moved by the conversation that Jesus has with a Cannanite woman in Matthew 15.  It’s one of those scenes where all the disciples are around as it unfolds.  There is an awkward few moments there…where the disciples speak up to prompt Jesus to do something…and in  a matter of 15 minutes or so the conversation goes from a cry to silence to a voice to conversation to pleading to faith and healing.

The woman starts with a cry out to Jesus for healing for her demon possesed daughter.  To which Jesus remains silent.  That is a place where we all tend to get uncomfortable and impatient.  She continues to cry out, so much the discuples start to ask Jesus to say something!

He simply responds with an answer that is not what the mother is looking for.  Jesus says he is her to tend to His sheep.  A legitimate answer that som  many would just walk away from thinking, “okay, He spoke…it’s not His will…” Not this mama, she is persistent.

As the conversation continues Jesus gets a bit more direct when He says, “why would the master waste the children’s bread to feed dogs.”  Wow, that’s ta slap in the face! Basically He said you’re not in the family, why would I waste my bread on you….a dog!

The mother comes back quickly with a response that stopped Jesus in His tracks.  She says, “even dogs eat crumbs from the master’s table.”  He recognizes her for her great faith and immediately heals the daughter.

My big take away is that God wants us to go deep in our prayer/conversation with Him.  He wants us to question, provoke thought, and be persistent.  He wants us to never give up because through those reald and deep conversations our faith can be brought to a place where He wants us to go!

As was the case with Abraham, Job, Moses, David, and the list goes on.  He wants u to engage beyond a comfortably safe conversation.  He’s our father, it’s okay!  There may be a miracle waiting on the other side.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


10 Primal Days — The New Movement

16 01 2010

The next reformation will be led by millions of reformers living compassionately, creatively, and courageously for the cause of Christ. It will be marked by broken hearts and sanctified imaginations. And the driving force will be the love of God. A love that is full of compassion, wonder, curiosity, and energy.

Mark Batterson proclaims in the new book Primal, “Amo Dei” will be the rallying cry of the church reformation movement. The english translation, “Love God,” will be the action taken in the four dimensions of the great commandment.  It is a love lived out that creates the ripple.  Millions of people will create the tsunami, and the world will be forever changed in the name of God.  This is when the Kingdom of God will usher in to move the holy spirit like never seen before.

I believe Batterson is dead on with this reformation prediction.  If you like fresh perspectives on biblical truths, Primal is for you.  If you like stories of real people living the truths out, Primal is for you.  If you like medical and scientific perspective on biblical truths, Primal is for you.  If you like to be challenged by biblical truths, Primal is for you.  The list could go on and on. I hope these 10 Primal days gave you a snapshot of the book.  Please pass this along if it’s made an impact.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


10 Primal Days — Strength of Love

15 01 2010

We are called to reflect God — His compassion, His wonder, His creativity, and His energy.  You cannot manufacture those things.  You can only reflect them.  Our love for God is nothing more and nothing less than a reflections of God’s love for us.

Mark Batterson brings a unique perspective to the great commandment in this 9th chapter of the new book Primal.  He unpacks the idea of our total & complete love in the 4 areas of the great commandment as strength not of our own…but His strength.  The idea that we can never love like that without His strength of love living in us.  It totally takes us out of the equation and puts God right in the center.  We are called to accept His love.  We are called to be guided by His love.  We are called to harness His strength of love, so we can reflect and give that back.

Loving God with all our strength is living in HIs strength.  But many of us never flip the switch.  We never receive the power He promised.  And without His power, we become nothing more than theological Christians.  Our testimony is reduced to our words.  Our impact is reduced to our abilities.  And not only is that less than exciting, it’s wrong.  Without His power at work within us, we cannot accomplish His purposes.

Have you flipped the switch?  How is His power living out in your life this week? We were never intended to live it out in our own strength.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


10 Primal Days — Sweat Equity

12 01 2010

“Christianity was never intended to be a noun,” Mark Batterson from the new book Primal. In this 8th chapter Batterson challenges readers to take their God ideas and put some blood, sweat and tears behind them.  This is where the power of loving God with all your strength comes in.

Those who follow in the footsteps of Christ ought to be the most passionate people on the planet.  The word enthusiasm comes from a combination of two Greek words: en and Theos.  It means “in God.” And the more you get into God, the more passionate you become.  As we learn to love God with all our strength, He doesn’t crucify our desires.  He sanctifies them and intensifies them .  God doesn’t find our desires too strong.  He finds them too weak.

What desires is God sanctifying in your life?  How are you pursuing them? Loving God with all your strength isn’t comfortable.  Loving God with all your strength will make you sweat…what sweat equity are you putting into your ministry?

Breathe In & Smile Out,


10 Primal Days — God Idea

10 01 2010

Mark Batterson looks at God Ideas in chapter 7 of the new book Primal.  He looks at idea stewardship as the responsibility of believers.  It’s part of loving God with all your mind, and being in touch with a Creator who births creativity in us.  Batterson claims he would rather have one “God idea than a thousand good ideas.”  Just one God idea can create a revolution, but it starts with a love for God.

God ideas aren’t the by-product of genius, they are the by-product of love.  The more you love God, the more God reveals.  If you love Him enough, not for what He can do but for who He is, then God will give up His secrets.  Why? Because that is the essence of love.  The more you love the more you  reveal.  And there are so many secrets waiting to be revealed.

The great commandment is all about love.  Loving Him with all your mind means taking every thought captive for Him.  It means loving Him daily in real ways.

What God ideas has He birthed in you?  What are you doing with them?

Breathe In & Smile Out,