Justin Bieber Christmas Song

20 11 2009

I’m not one of the 1.4 million viewers who caught this video from Justin Bieber. My buddy Matt turned me onto the new album from Justin (only $7.99 @ iTunes ). The kid is amazing, check him out nailing this Stevie Wonder Christmas song:

His YouTube channel has a host of other great songs (even some worship songs) that he knocks out with a handy cam and sheer talent. Usher swooshed in and signed him before Timberlake, Diddy, and the other industry peeps chasing him.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


30 10 2009

I’m embarrassed to say I missed the U2 live YouTube concert last weekend…I was not one of the 2.5 million who tuned in. And I wasn’t one of the 1.2 million who streamed the archived YouTube show…that changes tonight, check it out!

Picture 4

It was classic U2 at all new levels…stage, sound, songs, crowd…unbelievable! Best seat in the Rose Bowl.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

New John Mayer YouTube Channel

27 09 2009

November 17th we will all be able to hear the full mastered new album “Battle Studies” from John Mayer…until then take a sneak peek at some of the raw tracks on YouTube. Here is the link to the new song “Taking On Water.”

Pretty bold move to let the unfinished work out, and a brilliant marketing move I must say! Check it out he has about 5 songs up, just posted them a week ago. Unfortunately none of the videos/songs are embeddable, but worth the visit if you’re a Mayer fan.

Breathe IN & Smile OUT,

Guitar Prodigy

19 08 2009

Okay, when I was 11 I just graduated from playing a tennis racket to my first guitar, a JC Penny special. I was no where near with this 11 guitar prodigy Sungha Jungs is today. Check out this amazing video, over 2m others have already

He has a host of other videos on his YouTube channel This one above shows some of his finger-style picking chops to carry rhythm and melody at the same time. Sungha’s website is here, and his twitter is quite interesting look at the mind of an 11 year old with mad skills. I don’t think I practiced 3 hours of anything a day at his age, what discipline.

Okay, I’m going home now to practice and get my 5 year old some professional lessons. Look out for Sungha, only a matter of time before he has an album ready. Although he is in South Korea and 11 years old, it will be easy to distribute the album digitally…he already has a mass audience waiting. Check out this original composition

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Light Up The World

14 08 2009

The new album from Desperation Band “Light Up The World” is coming next month. Here is a sneak peek at the video they shot for the title track.

Stay tuned for an amazing album and ministry tie in that will rescue the destiny of thousands of orphans.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Mogwai “The Hawk Is Howling”

8 07 2009

This was my jam yesterday as I worked through my least favorite program Excel. They came up in my slacker custom radio for MuteMath. They have a great catalog of intrumental mood rock / prog rock / slash cool groove. Here is a non-official Mogwai YouTube music vid for the song…no real video, just the album image for the latest “The Hawk Is Howling” ’08 release.

Enjoy, check them out on MySpace.

Thank You Coldplay

18 05 2009

Now that’s the way to say thanks, free live cuts from Coldplay. Check it out here

Picture 1

Free, the new commerce of the web.

Breathe In & Smile Out,