Lala the new Soundjam MP play from Apple

8 12 2009

The company Casady & Greene isn’t who you think about when pondering the beginnings of iTunes. The names Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller aren’t the names that come to mind when you think about the creation of iTunes. That is because Apple started talking to the technology company in early 2,000 and subsequently bought them (while AOL was negotiating and missing the ball) then signed a 2 year secracy clause….flash forward to January 9, 2001 and the digital music world would put the music industry business model shattering course for ever with the introduction of iTunes 1.0….Brilliant!

The beginning of a digital music store that changed everything

Enter LaLa. The scenario is starting to sound very familiar, albeit much more public this time. Apple swoops in to buy a company in a “fire sale” price. Another major media company, Warner this time, has lost their shirt in the investment…and didn’t know what to do with the technology they had. Another 8 years from now we will look back and see this is another segment of the music industry that Apple came in to standardized and scale the fragments, i.e. Napster, Rhapsody, etc. The real biggest looser in this whole chess match is Spotify. That will be the headlines to come in 2010.

Apple is a visionary company. They see the value in music portability. They see the value in music access vs. owenership. They will bring music subscription to the masses…much like they did with the all-in-one home computer called the iMac, the MP3 player called the iPod, the smartphone called the iPhone, and mobile applications called the app store….Brilliant!

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New Kyte To Fly

26 01 2009

Kyte is making a buzz today as the Sony deal is rumored to be announced today. They have a slick platform to produce and syndicate content across social & mobile platforms. If you want to hang with the John Legend crew check out his channel.

It’s not just for the labels and artists, some cool user generated content. Check out the cool mash-up of Fergie and the The Fray….
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New Tech Tuesday — Presidential Candidates and New Marketing Methods

28 10 2008

I thought it would be appropriate to offer a New Tech Tuesday post that is relevant to the Super Tuesday that is on the horizon. Just a quick observation about the candidate and who is really embracing new marketing methods.  I would have to give Obama a 9 and McCain a 5 on the 10 point scale at this point.

A big score came across last night as I watched an Obama commercial that was typical smear McCain spot…with a new marketing interactive tool.  Obama has his own channel he’s bought on the Dish Network…which has been running continously a program outlining his plan for “change.” To step it up the week before elections I’ve noticed now the Dish Network interactive icon appearing during the Obama commercials encouraging viewers to click the interactive button to hear about his plan for change….McCain channel, ummm not so much.  McCain dynamic interactive new marketing incorporated into his commercials…mmmmm, yeh not so much.

Finally, here is a viral commercial that is customizable…and a funny bit to illustrate how important it is to vote…with another underlying message to vote Obama.  Again, another new marketing tool incorporating user customization, funny news reel YouTube’ish video, viral sharing to your friends, and the groundswell begins.  Check it out the viral custom commercial here.

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New Tech Tuesday — Hong Kong

7 10 2008

I’m Chris Estes, and I just found the internet…

Wish I could sleep in this wifi box…because everywhere else in the hotel is…ummm, not so reliable!

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New Tech Tuesday — Text Walking

27 08 2008

Okay, texting is not a new technology….but doing it while walking, well take a look at this NPR post.

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Apple Dock

29 07 2008

Here is a new tech that you won’t see anywhere else … The original Apple Dock, in Cupertino at One Infinite Loop


New Tech Tuesday — Can You Read Me Now

22 07 2008

Okay, so this edition of New Tech Tuesday isn’t about one technology, or a particular device.  No, it’s about a platform that is completely embedded in our lives….Text Messaging!

I heard this morning that China has 600 million cell phone users, which is 3 times the amount of internet users in the country.  Of course, you know Asia is way beyond the U.S. when it comes to Mobile technologies and usage…with the exception of the little company in Cupertino, with the partially eaten apple.  They are a bit in front of the technology curve.

So, already in China we are seeing all classes of society embracing the texting technology.  Companies are emerging with canned poems and love messages.  How soon will it be before Hallmark cashes in on this new platform…and we start sending birthday wishes, breaking-up with you messages?  With companies like Twitter and Mozes the revolution has begun.

What are you saying in 140 characters (70 in China) or less?  How is your business communicating to your community on this platform?