Wave good-bye to email

2 01 2010

Tis the season for all the new predictions…which with a new decade we get a double dose of what’s to come this year and this decade.  This year will be one filled with many firsts for me both personally and professionally.  A year where I will lead the @integritymusic digital team to another “first” in technology for the Christian Music industry.  That’s what makes this career a calling…where passion is unleashed.

Okay, now to the reason for the blog post.  Instead of joining the thousands of thinkers, bloggers, and industry superstars in their lists of predictions I will drop a few posts this month with areas I think will make big impacts.  The Google Wave is one of those.

The days of traditional email will end this decade.  Google has some serious investment into this new platform that takes chat, email, IM, and social media to the next level.  Read all about it here.  My prediction is the only area life where email will limp along in survival mode will be the office (traditional that is).  New thinking, younger businesses will catch the wave and set up internal networks to leverage the real-time interaction.  I hope I’m serving in a company with the latter philosophy this decade.

As a marketer I know e-lists won’t be the primary direct contact for much longer.  There are generations here and coming that won’t/don’t care about an email address.  The only @ symbol that is relevant to them is their twitter account…where they control direct messaging.

Renting e-lists will become the antiquated marketing medium print advertising has become.  If you have opted-in lists that you built with a base of people who value the communication….those lists will survive longer.  If you aren’t looking for other platforms, technologies, and networks to manage your push marketing….your message will die with e-mail.  If you’re inbound marketing efforts aren’t driving people to a place of engagement where they can opt-in on multiple communication technologies and networks….your efforts will die a slow & expensive death.

Exciting times.  Massive opportunity.  Fast changing marketing arenas.  The challenges are opportunities.  Make a difference this year & decade!

Breathe In & Smile Out,



Lala the new Soundjam MP play from Apple

8 12 2009

The company Casady & Greene isn’t who you think about when pondering the beginnings of iTunes. The names Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller aren’t the names that come to mind when you think about the creation of iTunes. That is because Apple started talking to the technology company in early 2,000 and subsequently bought them (while AOL was negotiating and missing the ball) then signed a 2 year secracy clause….flash forward to January 9, 2001 and the digital music world would put the music industry business model shattering course for ever with the introduction of iTunes 1.0….Brilliant!

The beginning of a digital music store that changed everything

Enter LaLa. The scenario is starting to sound very familiar, albeit much more public this time. Apple swoops in to buy a company in a “fire sale” price. Another major media company, Warner this time, has lost their shirt in the investment…and didn’t know what to do with the technology they had. Another 8 years from now we will look back and see this is another segment of the music industry that Apple came in to standardized and scale the fragments, i.e. Napster, Rhapsody, etc. The real biggest looser in this whole chess match is Spotify. That will be the headlines to come in 2010.

Apple is a visionary company. They see the value in music portability. They see the value in music access vs. owenership. They will bring music subscription to the masses…much like they did with the all-in-one home computer called the iMac, the MP3 player called the iPod, the smartphone called the iPhone, and mobile applications called the app store….Brilliant!

Breathe In & Smile Out,

MacBook Tablet Cometh

27 10 2009


So the rumor mill just got turned up a notch with the recent NYT executive editor Bill Keller’s “off the record” interview Could the e-reader market get an Apple revolution? Will Steve and the Cupertino gang come in and put the slam dunk on the democratization of the book industry? Will iTunes U + the Apple Tablet empower the education industry overhaul?

All I have to say is if the MacBook Pro becomes a touch like this wishful comp illustrates…count me in! At $800 the price is right for a Christmas frenzy.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

iPhone App Store

21 08 2009

I just had the privilege of going to the “mother ship” in Cupertino for some iTunes meetings. We had lunch at Cafe Mac’s inside 1 Infinite Loop, check the tweet timeline for pics. We walked passed this display on the way in:


Yes, this is Mac power at it’s finest. 20 synchronized 30 inch Apple Cinema HD Displays. Quite the display with an interactive component that is a sign of how much this company has changed another technology game…called the smartphone. I knew iTunes is currently selling more apps than music, but had no idea they were downloading at 3,000 per/minute. What you are looking at is the most popular 20,000 apps with a real-time icon animation that illuminates and grows in size (like the mac dock when you do a roll-over of an icon) every time it’s downloaded.


Impressive, as you stand back it looks like water drops hitting this massive display. It’s the new OS…it’s the first computer screen for the masses…it’s the ultimate lifestyle device…and it’s the third time Apple has changed the game in a major way.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Happy Belated Birthday

13 07 2009

You have come a long way in just one year….hope there are many more “game changing” years ahead!

Picture 1

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Advertising Mash Up

12 05 2009

I love this mash-up advertising approach to the NBA finals on TNT and the new movie trailer for “Angels and Demons.” Captures a cool vibe from both brands, timely, is one of the first mash-ups I’ve seen for official movie trailers and major sports events.

What do you think? What would your summer movie trailer mash-up be this year?

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Music, Formerly Known As….

10 05 2009

Music formerly know as the record….the 8-track….the tape….the CD….the track….is now the application. Music is on a warp speed track of transistion and change. The number one retailer of music has been digital for a little over 2 years, iTunes. Now the number one retailer is selling more applications than music.

Picture 1

Music will never be the same. It will be ubiquitous. It will be an experience, which ironically was the original distribution model. The live, social experience. I see opportunity, what do you see?

Breathe In & Smile Out,