The Vine Church — Worship In Hong Kong

18 10 2008

I have been on an adventure around the world recently with Jay King.  We met some really cool people that are bringing the gospel to Asia, based in Hong Kong. Check out Jay’s post on them here…the gang from The Vine Church are amazing, God is doing and will continue to do big things through their ministry.  Here is a video of their live worship:


There are two things that don’t change around the world…

1) God’s love for people is the same around the world. In every city, in every region, in every language, in every dark place, and in every light filled area….God’s love for people doesn’t change, and can’t be contained by our conditions.

2) People’s response to God’s call, people’s response in worship to a true God, people’s lifestyle of worship will bring a tangible representation of God’s love that will usher in His Kingdom. That is God’s purpose, for the body…the church to be His hands and feet. To be His real love for a real world that is in desperate need of Him.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


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