Who Are You?

1 04 2010

A simple question.  One that people search their whole life to answer.  Tonight I sit back and wonder about that question for a person who gave birth to me.  Someone I haven’t really known for 20 years.  I go about my days and don’t give much thought to it…most days.  Tonight, it’s hit me differently for some reason.  I have one Facebook picture and some status updates to unpack the mystery.  In the end though, it’s still a mystery.

As I looked at my children tucked in, sleeping peacefully, I wondered how a parent could ever drift into such disconnect.  The last question I ever want my kids to ask is, who are you?  I cherish every minute…every day…every precious memory.  I will never leave them wondering what happened to Dad.  I will never leave them with a lingering thought of “who is he?”