23 02 2010

Never…failure not an option…average is unacceptable…good isn’t enough…push…drive…elevate…and never, never slow down.

Breathe In & Run It Out,

Finish Well

1 01 2010

When 2009 rolled in I had three verses/passages that I set out to be foundational for the year. Hebrews 12 is one of those passages that I tried to keep top of mind as I approached challenges and opportunities.  Key elements like endurance, perseverance, and finishing well scream out in this chapter.

I had a subtle reminder of what that means yesterday as I looked out in my back yard.  This view has been the same for years, but yesterday it brought it all back into focus.

I feel compelled to go hang this picture on my neighbor’s door.  Actually, I should hang it on his son’s door who lives across the street from him.  Unfortunately both of them don’t have to look at the back of the unfinished shed everyday like us.

About three years ago the son of this neighbor set out to build his father a nice storage shed in the back yard.  He underestimated the amount of work involved, and subsequently left the job undone.  No endurance.  No perseverance.  The job was not done with any ounce of excellence.  He got so close, but at some point made a conscious decision to stop and leave the back unfinished.  Was it because he thought his father wouldn’t notice?  Was it because he would never see it from his house across the street?  No, he gave up.  He thought it was good enough.

I’m actually glad it’s there, because every time I look at it I’m reminded how important it is to finish well. In 2010 I don’t want to take short cuts.  I don’t want to do it half-way.  I don’t want to give up.  I don’t want to say “good enough.” I don’t want to quit when no one is looking.  I don’t want to build something that only looks good on three sides.  I want to finish well. I’m thankful that I work with a team that wants to finish well. I have leaders and colleagues around me that are committed to excellence.  If you don’t, be intentional this year finish everything well and surround yourself with people who model this and challenge you to do the same.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Timeless Brand

20 11 2009

I tweeted this video link out already, but it’s definitely worthy of blog post. Nike gets what brand means…Nike breathes excellence in everything they do…Nike found a way to honor their past with a fresh look at the future!

Breathe In & Smile Out,