The Struggle and The Purpose

5 02 2010

Purpose comes in many shapes and sizes.  When it’s distorted it becomes a struggle.  When the purpose dies but the effort continues, it ends with struggle.  If the purpose is defined by environment and circumstances then it will inevitably end in struggle.

The problem with all of these scenarios is the struggle.  Our purpose should be fueled by passion.  It should frame our efforts.  It should be the motivation behind our days.  That’s not to say resistance won’t come…but a passion filled purpose fights resistance with persistence.

I had this revelation as I started to analyze my blog…what was the real purpose for me…because it was feeling like a struggle.  It’s an extension of me, my life, my passions, my world.  Which often starts like this:

It’s not about being something I’m not or somebody I’m not…it starts from the heart and usually ends in a journal.  I love the picture of my journal page with the 2010 plans…because my kids joined me to help put their own piece of art in the page.  It reminds me of how important relationships are…how important family is…and how important it is to include that in the journey.

What are you struggling with?  What are your passions…what is your purpose?  Do 5 things this week to remove the struggle and replace the energy with pursuing your purpose.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Arms of a mother

26 03 2009

On a flight today next to a 14 month old girl and her Mother. On a quick side note, still can’t figure out why all passengers have to buckle up for the least little bit if turbulence…but if you are a baby, well just sitting in an adult lap is fine :-0.

I digress, the picture u saw in my quick 35 min flight was a shot of our relationship with God. As we were taxing to take off the lil girl was looking, touching, and exploring everything within arms reach. Then, as it usually turns out, on the approach in she was crying as the cabin pressure was dropping.

The thought came to me that is a picture of our relationship with God. He holds us in His lap and let’s us explore the world around us. Never stopping us, but there to make sure we are okay. Just as the Mother, God looks at us and smiles as we are there exploring. He is laughing with us and holding us close in delight.

As our world changes…as we get scared…as we panic…He is right there to comfort. He is there to hold us tight. Forever we are like that baby, in the arms of out Mother. Safe, loved, secure.

Breathe In &Smile Out