I’m Singing

6 02 2009

What is God taking you through right now? What have you gone through and come out singing? Great song, great testimonies, we are loved by a Great God!

Breathe In & Smile Out,

You Know Her Songs, Chat With Her Live…

19 11 2008

Kari Jobe, the voice behind this amazing song,

Will be chatting live this Tuesday about her new single “I’m Singing,” which was co-written with Chris Tomlin. Don’t miss this chance to see a live webcast and chat with Kari Jobe. Take a listen to the new single here.

Here’s the details on the live webcast:


Kari Jobe Kickin’ It On The Digital Front

11 11 2008

Kari Jobe is an amazing worship leader from Gateway Church. She is well known for songs like “No Sweeter Name,” and “Revelation Song.” I’m totally pumped about the new album that is coming. Check out the new single “I’m Singing” on her myspace.

Kari has a great calling on her life, and I know she will be a blessing through ministry. Follow her twitter here, and check out the first video blog.