Lala the new Soundjam MP play from Apple

8 12 2009

The company Casady & Greene isn’t who you think about when pondering the beginnings of iTunes. The names Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller aren’t the names that come to mind when you think about the creation of iTunes. That is because Apple started talking to the technology company in early 2,000 and subsequently bought them (while AOL was negotiating and missing the ball) then signed a 2 year secracy clause….flash forward to January 9, 2001 and the digital music world would put the music industry business model shattering course for ever with the introduction of iTunes 1.0….Brilliant!

The beginning of a digital music store that changed everything

Enter LaLa. The scenario is starting to sound very familiar, albeit much more public this time. Apple swoops in to buy a company in a “fire sale” price. Another major media company, Warner this time, has lost their shirt in the investment…and didn’t know what to do with the technology they had. Another 8 years from now we will look back and see this is another segment of the music industry that Apple came in to standardized and scale the fragments, i.e. Napster, Rhapsody, etc. The real biggest looser in this whole chess match is Spotify. That will be the headlines to come in 2010.

Apple is a visionary company. They see the value in music portability. They see the value in music access vs. owenership. They will bring music subscription to the masses…much like they did with the all-in-one home computer called the iMac, the MP3 player called the iPod, the smartphone called the iPhone, and mobile applications called the app store….Brilliant!

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iPhone App Store

21 08 2009

I just had the privilege of going to the “mother ship” in Cupertino for some iTunes meetings. We had lunch at Cafe Mac’s inside 1 Infinite Loop, check the tweet timeline for pics. We walked passed this display on the way in:


Yes, this is Mac power at it’s finest. 20 synchronized 30 inch Apple Cinema HD Displays. Quite the display with an interactive component that is a sign of how much this company has changed another technology game…called the smartphone. I knew iTunes is currently selling more apps than music, but had no idea they were downloading at 3,000 per/minute. What you are looking at is the most popular 20,000 apps with a real-time icon animation that illuminates and grows in size (like the mac dock when you do a roll-over of an icon) every time it’s downloaded.


Impressive, as you stand back it looks like water drops hitting this massive display. It’s the new OS…it’s the first computer screen for the masses…it’s the ultimate lifestyle device…and it’s the third time Apple has changed the game in a major way.

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18 08 2009

This is a picture of my digital life lately…. “loading!”. As I sit and watch time wheel turn or the rainbow color wheel spin and spin and spin, I stare and read the word loading. Is it a productive use of time…ummm no.

If you’ve grown up with computers or any other digital devices since the 90’s you have experienced two things. First, the signal you’re going to be waiting. From the infamous dial-up screech to the iconic hour glass that just keeps turning…we’ve all wasted countless hours with them. Second the inevitable “reboot,” which is a whole other blog topic.

I wonder how many minutes I’ve depleted off my life clock waiting for something to load. While life is happening around me, I’m chained to an expectation for something to happen. What else am I sitting around waiting for? What else could I be doing
instead of waiting? Life happens now, not after a load time. Today I resist…today I will do life in real-time, even if I have to set the stupid iPhone down while it figures it out 🙂

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The New Computer…The New OS

18 01 2009

Just in case you haven’t seen the news yet or heard your friends talking about it…there’s a new computer and new OS on the scene. Apple with their iPhone can give you 500 million people who agree.

With Google making in roads with the G1 phone and their android application platform…and Blackberry with the new Storm phone that is really pushing their RIM application platform…The new computer is your mobile phone. The new OS is your application platform.

Apple has become a game changer again as their spotlight on the mobile application world is bringing awareness and consumer base to the next level. They have Google and Blackberry scrambling to respond tot he surge of application demand. The apps that fit your lifestyle will become the new monitor display you spend hours in front of… I love it, this new computer is everywhere I go!

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Light On…Turn Off!

16 12 2008

I would usually include the link to the subject of this blog…but, I wouldn’t want to frustrate you or waste your time with what I would deem the dumbest Artist iPhone App implementation I’ve seen to date.

David Cook’s “Light On” iPhone Application for the single leaves me screaming “turn it off, and don’t pay $1.99!” Couple of blaring bad feature and design builds on this:

1) It’s a paid app @ $1.99…Hey David, take a look at what Akon, Pink, Snow Patrol, and others are doing for FREE

2) The lighter is less functional than the slew of other FREE lighter apps that are out there….and doesn’t let you move the flame by tilting the iPhone like ALL the other lighter apps do.

3) IT ONLY STREAMS ONE SONG!!!! Where are the snippets of the other tracks off the album? Hello, the consumer expects at least snippets for FREE, let alone paid.

4) Where are the videos? Please reference Akon app for FREE, with 5 videos!

5) Share with a friend feature doesn’t send a LINK TO GET THE APP in the email. Come on guys, this is basic stuff here!

6) Where is the bio, photos, news updates, tour dates! ALL the FREE artist apps at least have these elements.

7) iPod Touch compatibility? Obvious miss, poor execution.

8.) If I’m going to pay for a single…why would I pay $1.99 to have an application control my play-ability…paying $1 more than the single itself.

So, here is a screen shot of the bad application…along with the top review that is a one star for the lack of iPod compatibility or mention that it was incompatible in the app description.



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G1 Arrives with iMeem…let’s get ready to rumble!

23 10 2008

Okay, so G1 has arrived and packaged nicely with an exclusive application built in the Google Android open source application language.  What does this mean for the consumer, well it poises them out of the chute with a strong music recommendation/discovery platform with hooks into the Amazon MP3 store (BTW, if you are one of the few people who hasn’t bought Nickleback’s “All The Right Reasons” album you can get it on Amazon for $2 cheaper than iTunes…$7.99 special.)

Will this be the end of the iPhone empire that is well established…hmmm, well time will tell.  I believe the price point will help, but to remain competitive with Apple they will have to really ramp up the product development timeline.  Here is a great comparison on the two phones…in the world of Mobile Phones / Apps, i’d say “game on.”  Let’s get ready to rumble!

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16 07 2008

I have the new 3G iPhone…and it’s my first iPhone experience (I know you’d think the digital guy would have been an early adopter…but i’m glad i waited 🙂

I love Apple products!  There is nothing else in the electronics/computing world that is better designed, packaged, or integrated.  The way this iPhone automatically syncs everything is amazing.  I thought it would be a drawn out process with IT to get my email synced up…just as I was on the call with them….assuming there would be a process…i fired up the email.

Within 3 seconds…all email was coming in!!!  Not setup required, God Bless Mac!!! Steve Jobs for President.

New Tech Tuesday — iPhone

8 07 2008

Okay, can’t resist…it’s THE WEEK of the next gen domination in the Mobile world.  Ran across a sneak peek on Check out the geotagging possibilities below


Social Networks Lookout, a evolution come-ith

Social Networks Lookout, an evolution is coming

Now when the camera asks you if it can use your current location…that’s a real Smart Phone! I love the opportunities that come with this platform pushing geo information to your social site of preference.  It makes for easy tagging, and brings the social experience into spaces where you won’t be with your laptop.  Look for this full functioning feature to integrate into your favorite social site flavor by Christmas….that’s my prediction.

The Digital World of Medicine

17 06 2008

You have heard by now from the iPhone keynote highlights….Apple has secured 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies for the iPhone.  They are deploying the phone across their company so everyone from field reps to lab doctors will be connected with information at the speed of digital…with real time updates.

Now here is a picture of how it’s hitting home with me right now…

I like the fact that the same computer who checked my wife in for outpatient surgery, is connected to the one that Docs used in the operation room…and the one that I took a picture of in the recovery room.  I see the day coming where a handheld device garners the power of every medical book written to help the Doctors practice the science of medicine.  I have a feeling Apple will be along side in a big way….

iPhone Period

10 06 2008

That’s it…the wait is over…they figured it out…jump in, or be one of those last ones in….the early adoption period is over, come to iPhone!