Second Chances

24 12 2009

Some times I take a step back and look at where God has me…that’s when I’m blown away.  That’s when I realize God has brought exceedingly & abundantly above anything I can imagine or ask for into focus.  I get the privilege to work along side guys like Brewster, Chico, Jay, and Los. What I love about them is their heart for God and His plan.  It’s never scripted. It’s never contrived.  Always creative.  Always Authentic.  Always with excellence and integrity.

I appreciate a God of Second Chances.  If He wasn’t, I would not be here typing this blog right now.  If he didn’t extend beyond just a second chance I would have never ended up where He has me today.  When I watch videos like this, I take a step back and say THANK YOU LORD for bringing me into this adventure!

Check out the context of the story on my man Brewster’s post here.  Check out Los’ perspective on the song and the encounter here.  Lookout for Los’ release next year, God’s hand is all over it.

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Living Worship with Darlene Zschech

7 11 2008

I’m on my way to spend some time Darlene Zschech in Tampa.  I’ve had the opportunity to know her for a few years.  Before then I had the chance to see her lead worship on a Saturday back in 2,000 at the Baulkum Hillsong Church campus.  

This was back in the day when we were just starting to play the big Hillsong stuff in my worship team back home….you remember the days of “Shout To The Lord,” “On Eagle Wings,” and “My Redeemer Lives” (my personal favorite being a guitar player just getting into church worship).

One thing I’ve noticed and admired about Darlene is the fact that she lives her worship.  Back in 2,000 I didn’t know what to expect…I walked into a big church, saw the stage filled with great musicians, tons of choir members, front singers, the whole bit.  While the music was awesome, the worship is what really resonated with me.

I couldn’t tell you what the set list was…but I could tell you that halfway into it they had a time of prayer.  I’ll never forget Darlene asking for anyone that needed prayer to come forward…then the whole team, pastors, musicians, singers, everyone started praying for each other.  It wasn’t rehearsed.  It wasn’t a time when Darlene slipped back off stage.  It was a time of worship where the spirit moved…and yes, Darlene was there praying with everyone.  It was real church!

Fast forward 6 years, I’m back in Sydney with my crew from Integrity Music.  Jay King and I sat there, in a much larger church now, and saw this same scene unfold.  During a break in the music, real worship began.  

A time of prayer, where Darlene was actively walking around the floor praying for with people.  Again, couldn’t tell you the set list…but I could tell you that everyone on staff there knew how to live out worship.  They know that praying and supporting people around you is a big part of that.

I have continued to see Darlene in other situations off and on over the years.  Every time I see a very real person…a worshiper…someone who makes you feel like a best friend.  I’ve seen a generation come up under her spiritual and creative leadership.  I’ve seen what she’s modeled lived out in the live of guys like Joel Houston…who I watched at Encouterfest this year in Australia, walk around to pray with people during a time worship.

Don’t take this the wrong way please.  For some reading this, it may seem like it’s a responsibility…not a big deal.  But I can tell you, having worked in the industry for years….I’ve seen big worship leaders, from the huge churches, in all kinds of environments.  They don’t all live worship out like this.  It’s always a choice, don’t forget that….it’s not easier for them just because they lead worship.  

It’s easy to fall back into the off-stage/back-stage area…away from the people who need to be ministered to.  Allowing the pastors to do their thing.  Please don’t take this as a knock on worship leaders either…I just wanted to paint a real picture of who Darlene is… I want you to see that it’s not glitz and glamour, but real people who worship God in a real way. I could continue on the with a blog 3-part epic novel talking about how Darlene and her family live out worship through missions, mercy ministries, and all the other ways worship can be lived. Let me close with this…

Here is Darlene talking through what worship is all about, it’s profound and comes from a place that is real in her life.

This is what life is all about.  Living your worship Monday through Saturday.  Living in a way that serves others.  Letting your love shine on people.  Being the church, not just going to church.

Live It This Week,



The Vine Church — Worship In Hong Kong

18 10 2008

I have been on an adventure around the world recently with Jay King.  We met some really cool people that are bringing the gospel to Asia, based in Hong Kong. Check out Jay’s post on them here…the gang from The Vine Church are amazing, God is doing and will continue to do big things through their ministry.  Here is a video of their live worship:


There are two things that don’t change around the world…

1) God’s love for people is the same around the world. In every city, in every region, in every language, in every dark place, and in every light filled area….God’s love for people doesn’t change, and can’t be contained by our conditions.

2) People’s response to God’s call, people’s response in worship to a true God, people’s lifestyle of worship will bring a tangible representation of God’s love that will usher in His Kingdom. That is God’s purpose, for the body…the church to be His hands and feet. To be His real love for a real world that is in desperate need of Him.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


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Driving To Retro in Australia

3 10 2008

Here is my first ride in a car with another american who has a little more experience driving on the other side of the road.  Jay got us there in one piece as we listened to retro music (quite popular in Australia) from a local retro band.



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check out the other side:


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Don’t Mess With The Budgies

1 10 2008

Budgies can be smuggled in all shapes and places…a native small bird and Australian slang :-0  And Jay King was the brave one to take a picture next to him…