Quarterback Leadership

3 11 2009

I’m a bona fide Who Dat nation card carrying member. If you cut me, I bleed black & gold. Tonight’s game with my Saints battling the dirty birds of Atlanta I learned a couple of lessons in leadership from our star QB Drew Brees.

A great leader knows when to drop back in the pocket so he can read the field


A great leader knows exactly when to time the pass


A great leader knows who to throw the ball to


A great leader celebrates the victories with the team


Brees has a superstar, or great leader, ability to drop back and make the big play. He reads the field of opposition. He looks for the opportunity. Most importantly he places the utmost confidence on the receivers to catch the ball in the small windows he threads it through. Ultimately he rallies the team to rise to the occasion, sets the bar, and delivers the opportunity for success. In the the end the team celebrates the victory.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


12 05 2009

I saw this in the bathroom at a Chick-Fil-A restaurant recently. As I washed my hands I realized why it was there.

The soap dispenser has a dripping problem. Instead of fixing the problem, the solution was to place a fruit cup bowl underneath it. Somebody recognized the issue, and instead of treating the source looked for a quick fix. Which, in reality, isn’t a fix. In fact, for me it tarnished my perception of Chick-Fil-A restaurants. They are usually a notch above most fast food joints.

What probably took the same amount of effort, could have been directed the right way towards something or someone who could really fix the problem. What dripping soap dispensers plague your work, your business, your ministry, your sphere? What are you doing to really fix the problem?

Breathe In & Smile Out,

BTW, I can’t mention Chick-Fil-A without throwing out this funny video…saw Tim Hawkins perform this at Catalyst West, hilarious!

Take Off

16 04 2009

I’m was hopscotching across the US these last couple weeks (so I’m knocking the dust off my blog). This morning I was moved by the whole concept of air travel. It was solidified by this pic I took at 20 something thousand feet. Actually the pic will insert at the bottom of the blog…thank you WordPress iPhone App.

I could make this into a blog series with the life analogies that fit air travel. The simple components of air travel I want to draw from are the connection, departure, take-off, flight, and arrival.

When I examine how the best brands…the best strategies…the best marketing plans function, I see them all like an adventure in air travel.

It all starts with a connection to the audience…the community…the person who was formerly seen as just another customer. Once you have this established, which takes work, the
you are ready to go somewhere.

You really need everyone on board before you can go anywhere. Departures will eventually cease if there isn’t anyone on the plane to support it.

Take off is the fun part right. When a company gets all the elements right, it’s a beautiful thing. Like an airplane, the complex variables working together on a proper runway…will give you everything needed to take off.

The flight is the map. It’s the place where you also get the best views. Where a layer of dark clouds fall below and an awesome vista awaits. Much like a roadmap for a product, brand, or company… The flight takes you there, through all the milestones..all the successes.

It all leads to a destination right? You can’t fly for ever. We all want the brand / product to take us to that place. Eventually, through natural development…we want to go to that next place. Thus the business cycle. Where you are taken to that next “big thing.”

It all takes careful planning, precise execution, and flexibility to adapt. The flight path you start on, may not be the one that takes you to that destination. The aircraft may change, the methods may evolve, but the people and end goal remain. Real connection with a real destination in mind.

Breathe In & Smile Out,