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24 04 2010

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9 03 2010

I’ve always liked Sting and a the musical works he’s pumped out over the years. From The Police on through to his solo albums. One song that has resonated with me is the music video above “Fragile.” Tonight that song took on a whole new perspective for me…one that will remain for life.

The last thing you think about as you’re corralling your 5 year old off the t-ball practice field is the fragility of life. Tonight that changed. I turned from the baseball field to find my 2 year old daughter underneath the bleachers with a crowd around her. Her life came to a screeching stop when she fell off the bleachers to the hard ground below. As she lie there stiff and unconscious, I started to see how fragile we are.

It’s crazy how seconds feel like minutes in those moments. When it feels like life and death are balancing before you, that is when the world turns slower. When you look down at your own child and see life slipping away…that is when you feel the weight of the moment…that is when you realize how fragile we are.

The last thing I thought I would do tonight was give my daughter mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. It never crossed my mind that I would be desperately listening to her little chest for a heart beat and checking to see if she could breathe. The older they get, the more kids you have, the more you forget how fragile we are.

I can’t express the relief I felt when that first breath was taken…that first little cough…that first sign of life coming back. We weren’t out of the darkness yet, but it brought hope. As I scooped her up and sped off with Wendy to the hospital I lost my stomach and heart every time I looked over to see my lil Sydney-Boo’s eyes roll back in her head. I couldn’t drive fast enough…I couldn’t do anything but watch the minutes tick and realize how fragile we are.

Tonight could have ended in so many ways. Tonight could have been a beginning of a nightmare. Tonight could have ended with bad news from x-rays and CT scans. But tonight became a reminder of how much I have to be thankful for…lest I forget how fragile we are.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Your Shape

15 11 2009

I had a little revealation as I pulled some clothes out of the washing machine last night. They were all stuck together and started to form into the shape of the cylinder that just did a cleaning number on them.

It’s a lot like the world we live in. The environments, the conditions, the forces working aginst us all want to ultimately shape us into themselves. The faster the pace, the faster the spin cycle. But at the end of the cycle we are still who we are. The washing machine of life doesn’t make us loose our identity.

I heard a speaker say recently, “Our value was nailed to the cross.” Jesus put our value above all. He wants to be the one to shape us..or reshape us from the spin cycles of life.

I’m living proof of that truth. I could list my history, my environments I fell subject to growing up (and many I put myself in) and it would make for a 4 part Jerry Springer Show mini-series. For years it shaped me, until I met the ultimate creator who came in and reshaped me from the inside out. I looked a little like this picture, until He put me in His arms of love and brought me back to the original design.

It doesn’t make everyday a walk in the park. But it does give me a connection with a Father who wants me to be in His shape…and welcomes me from the battles of life to His refuge so I can get in shape.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


18 08 2009

This is a picture of my digital life lately…. “loading!”. As I sit and watch time wheel turn or the rainbow color wheel spin and spin and spin, I stare and read the word loading. Is it a productive use of time…ummm no.

If you’ve grown up with computers or any other digital devices since the 90’s you have experienced two things. First, the signal you’re going to be waiting. From the infamous dial-up screech to the iconic hour glass that just keeps turning…we’ve all wasted countless hours with them. Second the inevitable “reboot,” which is a whole other blog topic.

I wonder how many minutes I’ve depleted off my life clock waiting for something to load. While life is happening around me, I’m chained to an expectation for something to happen. What else am I sitting around waiting for? What else could I be doing
instead of waiting? Life happens now, not after a load time. Today I resist…today I will do life in real-time, even if I have to set the stupid iPhone down while it figures it out 🙂

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Take Off

16 04 2009

I’m was hopscotching across the US these last couple weeks (so I’m knocking the dust off my blog). This morning I was moved by the whole concept of air travel. It was solidified by this pic I took at 20 something thousand feet. Actually the pic will insert at the bottom of the blog…thank you WordPress iPhone App.

I could make this into a blog series with the life analogies that fit air travel. The simple components of air travel I want to draw from are the connection, departure, take-off, flight, and arrival.

When I examine how the best brands…the best strategies…the best marketing plans function, I see them all like an adventure in air travel.

It all starts with a connection to the audience…the community…the person who was formerly seen as just another customer. Once you have this established, which takes work, the
you are ready to go somewhere.

You really need everyone on board before you can go anywhere. Departures will eventually cease if there isn’t anyone on the plane to support it.

Take off is the fun part right. When a company gets all the elements right, it’s a beautiful thing. Like an airplane, the complex variables working together on a proper runway…will give you everything needed to take off.

The flight is the map. It’s the place where you also get the best views. Where a layer of dark clouds fall below and an awesome vista awaits. Much like a roadmap for a product, brand, or company… The flight takes you there, through all the milestones..all the successes.

It all leads to a destination right? You can’t fly for ever. We all want the brand / product to take us to that place. Eventually, through natural development…we want to go to that next place. Thus the business cycle. Where you are taken to that next “big thing.”

It all takes careful planning, precise execution, and flexibility to adapt. The flight path you start on, may not be the one that takes you to that destination. The aircraft may change, the methods may evolve, but the people and end goal remain. Real connection with a real destination in mind.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Life Slides

21 02 2009

I recentlt had a picture of how God journeys with us through life. I watched a huge inflatable slide as fathers and sons got up and slide down over and over again. Each time the same wide eyed excitement and smiles filled the air. Occasionally there was the scared kid who cried their way down…but they were fine as they arrived at the bottom to a big embrace from their father.

The picture I saw through it all was an image of our heavenly father. How He goes down the slides of life with us. Gently bringing us to the slides that are going to lead is the right way, but ultimately letting us decide the slides we want to ride. Some slides lead us down to trouble. Some take us off track. Some lift us up and over to where we need to be.

One thing is certain, God our father rides down everyone with us. He’s there with a safe warm embrace on the ride that leave us in fear. He always there with us, enjoying the ride.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Do Justice

17 01 2009

I’m sitting here, close to being brain fried from a week that has been a productive and draining week.

I’m flipping through the latest issue of Relevant magazine and this North Park University (Chicago) ad struck me.

Do Justice …don’t serve it, stand up for it…but do it. Justice is an action. It’s a lifestyle. It’s every person’s calling. It starts with the little things. It starts now.

Breathe In & Smile Out,