Lala the new Soundjam MP play from Apple

8 12 2009

The company Casady & Greene isn’t who you think about when pondering the beginnings of iTunes. The names Jeff Robbin, Bill Kincaid and Dave Heller aren’t the names that come to mind when you think about the creation of iTunes. That is because Apple started talking to the technology company in early 2,000 and subsequently bought them (while AOL was negotiating and missing the ball) then signed a 2 year secracy clause….flash forward to January 9, 2001 and the digital music world would put the music industry business model shattering course for ever with the introduction of iTunes 1.0….Brilliant!

The beginning of a digital music store that changed everything

Enter LaLa. The scenario is starting to sound very familiar, albeit much more public this time. Apple swoops in to buy a company in a “fire sale” price. Another major media company, Warner this time, has lost their shirt in the investment…and didn’t know what to do with the technology they had. Another 8 years from now we will look back and see this is another segment of the music industry that Apple came in to standardized and scale the fragments, i.e. Napster, Rhapsody, etc. The real biggest looser in this whole chess match is Spotify. That will be the headlines to come in 2010.

Apple is a visionary company. They see the value in music portability. They see the value in music access vs. owenership. They will bring music subscription to the masses…much like they did with the all-in-one home computer called the iMac, the MP3 player called the iPod, the smartphone called the iPhone, and mobile applications called the app store….Brilliant!

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Happy Belated Birthday

13 07 2009

You have come a long way in just one year….hope there are many more “game changing” years ahead!

Picture 1

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The New Computer…The New OS

18 01 2009

Just in case you haven’t seen the news yet or heard your friends talking about it…there’s a new computer and new OS on the scene. Apple with their iPhone can give you 500 million people who agree.

With Google making in roads with the G1 phone and their android application platform…and Blackberry with the new Storm phone that is really pushing their RIM application platform…The new computer is your mobile phone. The new OS is your application platform.

Apple has become a game changer again as their spotlight on the mobile application world is bringing awareness and consumer base to the next level. They have Google and Blackberry scrambling to respond tot he surge of application demand. The apps that fit your lifestyle will become the new monitor display you spend hours in front of… I love it, this new computer is everywhere I go!

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Chrome, Cloud Computing, and The New Era

1 10 2008

I love the speed at which we are entering the new computing eras as much as I love the new ground.  Amazing things happen when you take creativity, innovation, and a large force of engineering minds….enter in Google.

With the impeding release of the new browser code named “Chrome,” along with the Google phone that will roll out this month…the pieces are falling in place for totally new web experience that moves through the “cloud computing” to your phone.  Seamless integration, here we come.

With the Chrome browser you will be able to drab web page with an app into a new tab.  At which point the address bar and navigation will disappear and you virtually have a desktop app.  

Google will take the same open source approach they have with web apps to the browser.  With their mobile apps platform in place, then the only ingredient missing is the  computing box….do I foresee the last frontier in Google’s cross-hairs.  My prediction is no, because they’re after the one device that everyone has all the time…their cell.  And with a robust offering of apps and browser compatibility that connects/functions seamless on your own desktop….why would they need to get in the box business too?

Two major landmark advancements for Chrome.  First, speed, speed, speed.  They took a team of engineers in Europe and set the goal to have a browser perform java script functions 10 times faster than any browser…in 4 months.  After non-stop 12 hour coding days, the team came back with not only the goal met…but, a browser that outperformed Explorer at a rate of 56% faster.  Yes, let the browser wars begin…again.

Second, reliability.  How many times have you let out a sigh, or perhaps a colorful adjective in the four letter range as your browser froze, then died?  Either a force quite or a restart was necessary, minutes later you are re-booted and not happy.   

Chrome will take that all away, by allowing the tabbed browsers to act independently.  If one is locked, feel free to keep browsing on the other tabs while Chrome tries to figure it out.  If it doesn’t, simply close that tab.   Ahhhhh, finally something in my life I don’t have to reboot.

Apple has gone to the new frontiers with mobile apps, new cool phone, and cloud computing (MobileMe).  Google is quickly on their heels, with open source all around.  May the best company prevail, in the meantime as consumers we reap the benefit of good competition and great open source community who will deliver better tweaks on code so we are all happy!

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