Music Monday Metal

19 01 2010

I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to musical tastes…although I’m rooted in rock and metal, I like a wide variety of music.  I have even come to terms with some country music :-0  I never got into Death Metal because…well, this video pretty much sums it up.

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Impact of the Internet

19 09 2008

Read this quote from one of the genius’ from Google:

“The internet is the first thing humanity has built that humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy we’ve ever had.” — Eric Schmidt

How are you monetizing anarchy?  Are you leveraging it…or is it controlling you? I work in the music business where a lot of people see it as the end of traditional music business as we know it.  I believe there is a sea of opportunity among the anarchy!


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The Power of Music

29 06 2008

I’m on my way back from Creation Fest Northeast.  What a blast!!! So many bands, so many stories, so many people gathered to celebrate and praise our Creator.  Check out Video Rocket for recaps from the festival and some daily blogs/promos from Worth Dying For.

The most amazing part of the festival to me was simply the power of music.  From all ages, races, sex, denominations, and any other category you can think of….music transcends them all.  The power of music to me is in the connection.  The connection meets you where you are and becomes the soundtrack for the moment.  When you combine that with music that connects with our Creator…then you see a power at whole new level.

For me personally, beyond the stage and the bands…i witnessed a group of 40,000+ stop for a moment to light candles as an act of worship.  The music was simple, the lights were off, and this was the view from the stage as Paul Baloche and Amy Grant led worship.

Light of The World

There are a ton of other moments to blog…but with 2 hours of sleep and sitting quite red-eyed in the ATL airport…this is about all I can muster up.  By far the highlight of weekend though, enjoy.