Chrome, Cloud Computing, and The New Era

1 10 2008

I love the speed at which we are entering the new computing eras as much as I love the new ground.  Amazing things happen when you take creativity, innovation, and a large force of engineering minds….enter in Google.

With the impeding release of the new browser code named “Chrome,” along with the Google phone that will roll out this month…the pieces are falling in place for totally new web experience that moves through the “cloud computing” to your phone.  Seamless integration, here we come.

With the Chrome browser you will be able to drab web page with an app into a new tab.  At which point the address bar and navigation will disappear and you virtually have a desktop app.  

Google will take the same open source approach they have with web apps to the browser.  With their mobile apps platform in place, then the only ingredient missing is the  computing box….do I foresee the last frontier in Google’s cross-hairs.  My prediction is no, because they’re after the one device that everyone has all the time…their cell.  And with a robust offering of apps and browser compatibility that connects/functions seamless on your own desktop….why would they need to get in the box business too?

Two major landmark advancements for Chrome.  First, speed, speed, speed.  They took a team of engineers in Europe and set the goal to have a browser perform java script functions 10 times faster than any browser…in 4 months.  After non-stop 12 hour coding days, the team came back with not only the goal met…but, a browser that outperformed Explorer at a rate of 56% faster.  Yes, let the browser wars begin…again.

Second, reliability.  How many times have you let out a sigh, or perhaps a colorful adjective in the four letter range as your browser froze, then died?  Either a force quite or a restart was necessary, minutes later you are re-booted and not happy.   

Chrome will take that all away, by allowing the tabbed browsers to act independently.  If one is locked, feel free to keep browsing on the other tabs while Chrome tries to figure it out.  If it doesn’t, simply close that tab.   Ahhhhh, finally something in my life I don’t have to reboot.

Apple has gone to the new frontiers with mobile apps, new cool phone, and cloud computing (MobileMe).  Google is quickly on their heels, with open source all around.  May the best company prevail, in the meantime as consumers we reap the benefit of good competition and great open source community who will deliver better tweaks on code so we are all happy!

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New Tech Tuesday — Radiohead, The New Pioneers

15 07 2008

So you have this little band Radiohead who have now turned the music industry on it’s head through a series of calculated moves.  First, the “pay what you want,” business model…and now open code video play with Google

And it’s just a >way cool video concept all the way around– almost 200k views in a couple of days.

The Google Gadget page has an in-browser data viewer for viewing and interacting with the video. The player is Flash-based, so you can zoom with the mouse wheel, or click-and-drag to move it around. WAY COOL!!!

These guys are becoming the “give the power to the people” band.  Which either breaks your paradigm or sends you running scared.  They are releasing the video’s data so that developers can remix it and make their own variations of the music video.  I never was really into Radiohead before, but I have to admit that these kinds of digital plays is making me more aware/exposed…and now I’m becoming a radiohead!