Your Shape

15 11 2009

I had a little revealation as I pulled some clothes out of the washing machine last night. They were all stuck together and started to form into the shape of the cylinder that just did a cleaning number on them.

It’s a lot like the world we live in. The environments, the conditions, the forces working aginst us all want to ultimately shape us into themselves. The faster the pace, the faster the spin cycle. But at the end of the cycle we are still who we are. The washing machine of life doesn’t make us loose our identity.

I heard a speaker say recently, “Our value was nailed to the cross.” Jesus put our value above all. He wants to be the one to shape us..or reshape us from the spin cycles of life.

I’m living proof of that truth. I could list my history, my environments I fell subject to growing up (and many I put myself in) and it would make for a 4 part Jerry Springer Show mini-series. For years it shaped me, until I met the ultimate creator who came in and reshaped me from the inside out. I looked a little like this picture, until He put me in His arms of love and brought me back to the original design.

It doesn’t make everyday a walk in the park. But it does give me a connection with a Father who wants me to be in His shape…and welcomes me from the battles of life to His refuge so I can get in shape.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


Discipline, Work, and the Difference

20 05 2009

Just because you have one of these


And you are on a floor with one of these

Doesn’t mean you will be like this guy

It takes hard work. It takes discipline to get up and keep trying. It takes following your passions. It doesn’t happen just because you dressed the part….or have arrived at the basketball court.

The truth is most people will end up looking like this guy

The difference is the work you put into to becoming the best. Don’t settle for mediocre. Set your target above…and each day move closer.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


25 03 2009

When the conditions close in…overcome.
When the future looks bleak…overcome.
When the pack falls away…overcome.
When it’s not what you expected…overcome.

Watch this video, and realize that your conditions don’t define your potential or future.

Breathe In & Smile Out