7 03 2010

Okay, I know this is a little dated…but it is bound for Super Bowl “Classic Moments” history…and I’m a Saints fan from back in the “bag over the head” days, so please allow me to gloat just a little longer on our first Super Bowl appearance and win!

I initially had this thought the night of the Super Bowl win, and since I’m such an amazing, consistent blogger, it’s now making the post. The thought was on the idea of bounce. How our lives are constantly bouncing. Some forces too hard, and the bounce gets out of control. Some bounces go our way. Some bounces go out of bounds.

We have to approach life like my Saints approached the second half. When you’re down. When it looks like a win may be out of reach. When the tide is not going your way…remember one thing…you have control. You have the chance to make a play that isn’t in the “safe” playbook. You can pursue a bounce that could change the whole game!

We’re called to bounce back. We’re called to take the force of the blow and use that to bounce to new heights. We’re called to see beyond our circumstance and bounce to where we need to be!

Breathe In & Bounce Back,



3 03 2010

With Overcoming…comes tribulation, trial and challenge

With success…comes the place of failure, stagnation and the start

With boldness…comes the awkward moment to stand and speak

With holiness…comes the dark need for the light to change

With healing…comes the sickness, infirmity and handicap

With power…comes weakness

With authority…comes a place of servitude and lower rank

With encouragement…comes depression, lonliness and hopelessness

With love…with His love…comes life