The Struggle and The Purpose

5 02 2010

Purpose comes in many shapes and sizes.  When it’s distorted it becomes a struggle.  When the purpose dies but the effort continues, it ends with struggle.  If the purpose is defined by environment and circumstances then it will inevitably end in struggle.

The problem with all of these scenarios is the struggle.  Our purpose should be fueled by passion.  It should frame our efforts.  It should be the motivation behind our days.  That’s not to say resistance won’t come…but a passion filled purpose fights resistance with persistence.

I had this revelation as I started to analyze my blog…what was the real purpose for me…because it was feeling like a struggle.  It’s an extension of me, my life, my passions, my world.  Which often starts like this:

It’s not about being something I’m not or somebody I’m not…it starts from the heart and usually ends in a journal.  I love the picture of my journal page with the 2010 plans…because my kids joined me to help put their own piece of art in the page.  It reminds me of how important relationships are…how important family is…and how important it is to include that in the journey.

What are you struggling with?  What are your passions…what is your purpose?  Do 5 things this week to remove the struggle and replace the energy with pursuing your purpose.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


A Lesson From My Magnolia Tree

4 06 2009

So I have this magnolia tree that my family has called Maggie. She is not your typical magnolia. She is short…some would say dainty….i would say dwarfed…but, she is the only tree in our front yard. For years she has grown maybe an inch. Not really dead, but not really thriving. So we decided to spruce her up a bit,


The lillies and elephant ear plants crowded around Maggie’s feet to make for a nice little front yard greenery. As you can see, they started to dominate little Maggie’s space…especially the lilly grass that grew half of her size. Something interesting happened this year —


For the first time ever, Maggie is growing! There is new life, she is thriving!! All it took was some competition. It took some resistance. It took some competition. It took a little struggle. It’s like that in life. When resistance, struggle, competition come our way we can either shrink back and be dominated….or we can be strengthened and grow.

What life struggles are you dealing with today? Know there is a God who loves you more “than the grains of sand on the beach.” He knows your struggles, and He wants you to thrive in them. He wants to pour strength into your body. He wants you to grow like Maggie.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Do It With Passion, Purpose & Humbleness

25 04 2009


So I just spent the last two days at Catalyst West in California….in a word WOW! Totally next level in every way. The take away for me was the level of amazing speakers and staff at Catalyst. From Erwin McManus and Rick Warren to Perry Noble and Andy Stanley, and so many in between…they all came with passion, purpose and humbleness.

Check the Catalyst site for sessions, resources, and a ton of equipment for the cutting edge church. What I want to speak to is the atmosphere of humbleness that surrounded servitude. I believe without one you can’t have the other. I saw key leaders in the Catalyst organization serving snow cones to people in back of the long food line. Rick Warren walked into a packed green room and made a purpose to meet everyone in the room…asking their name, shaking hands, and hugging some (I was one of the lucky ones 🙂 In fact, before he went on to speak he stepped over to tell me and a small group of people on side of the stage that he had to cancel a meeting with the President (yes Pres Obama) to make this meeting…smiling as he commented “I’ll take a meeting with Pastors over Presidents everytime.”

It was refreshing to see a group of influencers and leaders who didn’t live in a tunnel of superiority. They looked for ways to connect and serve. It didn’t diminish their passion or purpose. In fact, in my eyes it only elevated it.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


9 11 2008

If you search the word posture on YouTube you’ll run across 7,560 clips…isn’t the web great! I’ve been thinking about posture lately, and was hoping to find a real funny video, the best I could come up with was this (disclaimer: it isn’t that great)

Posture has started to resonate with me in the spiritual sense, as I drifted from along really thinking about my posture in life. I kept coming back to the question, am I in the right posture to hear God’s voice today? Am I in the right posture to stand where I should be today? Do I have the right posture to move where I need to go?

I think those questions, when you really answer them honestly can apply to everything you encounter in your world. When you think about it, posture (our reaction) is one of the only things we can surely control. The world, circumstances, situations, conditions, are like the tide coming in and out of the sea. They all work to force you into a posture….and you have to work equally hard to stay in the right posture.

Am I too stiff, am I too hard-headed, am I in the right posture for God’s complete plan for my life? What’s stopping me today? What position am I faced towards? What am I holding onto that I need to let go? What posture does God need me to be in?

Funny how you end up with more questions than answers sometimes. This week I’m focussing in on what posture I need to be in for my life purpose to flow unrestricted….how’s your posture?

Thinking out loud,