Meatball Sundae Wisdom

14 11 2008

If you haven’t read the book “Meatball Sundae” from Seth Godin…go get it. While he is the guru of marketing, social media, and new marketing theory…..this book applies to anyone who works in business really. Because the best companies are one with their marketing….their products are an extension of the marketing that is built to lead and serve a community.

Here are the top 10 things I learned from this book:

1) Given enough choices, people will make choices
2) When authentic stories match our world view, we’ll believe it
3) Human nature and new marketing allows us to express that nature
4) Stories spread…not facts
5) We have extremely short attention spans because of massive clutter
6) New marketing says its not an organization, it’s a movement…create a movement around your product or services
7) Ideas that spread through groups of people are more powerful than ideas that are marketed at people
8) Movements are at the heart of change and growth….more powerful than any advertising
9) The internet has nothing to do with what the movement is, it provides the vehicle for the movement to take place
10) Old style organizations and powerful movements can’t co-exist in the same company…successful marketers will make the distinction and serve a movement.

I’m focussing now on ways to do this through the vehicles our digital worlds provide. It all starts with a great product and/or service. There is a community out there for it. How will you serve them? How will you lead them? How will you equip them to propel the movement?


Job Description and Marketing Attitude

13 11 2008

Seth Godin continues to amaze me with his great insight to marketing…one of his best posts in recent times is here describing what a job description should look like in marketing these days…and what all marketer attitudes should reflect.


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New Marketing with Ice Cream

18 10 2008

This gives the marketing guru Seth more whip cream for his meatball sundae.  Yes the “new marketing” age has arrived and is now being served at your local Marble Slab Creamery.

I’m impressed that this company has figured out a way to leverage technology in an easy way while serving their community.  I’m sure this will build a tremendous permission asset that will take their direct marketing…and ultimately business to the next level.

From the messaging through the execution this was a smooth and rewarding (yummy) experience.  The billboard said a $1 off text coupon was available for all texting customers.  Once I sent in the keyword, I instantly got two messages back.  The first was a thank you for joining, and an assuring message that I would only receive up to 4 communications per month with valuable coupons.  Then, the whip cream on my ice cream message with the $1 off coupon came through.  I showed it to the cashier, go the dollar off, and was enjoying ice cream moments later.

This is marketing at it’s best.  Talking to your community in a non-invasive, permission based method.  Serving your community with value that ultimately drives sales.  Using a technology that everyone has with them.  Delivering what you promised in a matter of seconds.

I have a new level of loyalty for the Slab.  I may not act on every coupon, but I know I won’t be harassed….and I’ll probably in the end buy more ice cream now as a result 🙂

Breathe In & Smile Out,