My Sign For The Day

16 01 2009

Today has been an exercise of patience, passion, persistence, and perseverance.

I learned from every challenge to see an opportunity.

I learned from every negative to draw the positive.

I learned from every lock to find a key.

I learned from every tired feeling to find passion.

I learned from every fragment to find unity.

I learned from every effort to find synergy.

It’s all a perspective. It’s an attitude. It’s all starts in your head. So…here’s my sign.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


9 11 2008

If you search the word posture on YouTube you’ll run across 7,560 clips…isn’t the web great! I’ve been thinking about posture lately, and was hoping to find a real funny video, the best I could come up with was this (disclaimer: it isn’t that great)

Posture has started to resonate with me in the spiritual sense, as I drifted from along really thinking about my posture in life. I kept coming back to the question, am I in the right posture to hear God’s voice today? Am I in the right posture to stand where I should be today? Do I have the right posture to move where I need to go?

I think those questions, when you really answer them honestly can apply to everything you encounter in your world. When you think about it, posture (our reaction) is one of the only things we can surely control. The world, circumstances, situations, conditions, are like the tide coming in and out of the sea. They all work to force you into a posture….and you have to work equally hard to stay in the right posture.

Am I too stiff, am I too hard-headed, am I in the right posture for God’s complete plan for my life? What’s stopping me today? What position am I faced towards? What am I holding onto that I need to let go? What posture does God need me to be in?

Funny how you end up with more questions than answers sometimes. This week I’m focussing in on what posture I need to be in for my life purpose to flow unrestricted….how’s your posture?

Thinking out loud,