John Mark McMillan

13 01 2009

So, i have to admit…working in the music business has it’s perks. And when you work in the Christian music genre with a focus on praise & worship, well the perks go beyond just some good tunes. I have the privilege to worship every week in our Wednesday Chapel at Integrity with some guys like John Mark McMillan.

John is an amazing worship leader, who has already had an impact throughout the church (global church) with the song “How He Loves Me.” Some influential worship leaders/teams like Jesus Culture and Hillsong United have used it in their worship set list. Take a look at John’s moving video from The Call gathering in Nashville and you will see why:

There is something very special about the way John approaches songwriting, worship leading, and the church. I don’t even want to begin to classify or put his styles into a category box. It’s real, it’s unfiltered, it’s an open heart. Here is one of my favorite songs (“Make You Move“) from the “The Songs Inside The Sounds of Breaking Down” album:

So, Wednesday will be another amazing Chapel time…can’t wait to see what God is going to do through John’s ministry. Check him out online, here’s the vitals:

Official Website

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Twitter Has Arrived

6 01 2009

There has been such a buzz about Twitter these days, when I saw this story on Tech Crunch I had to blog it. Especially when I saw what they posted on the Fox News wire for Mr. O’Reilly.
Twitter Hacked

I agree with Michael Arlington on this article, Twitter has officially arrived. In the world of software and technology, the high profile companies/technologies are the ones the hackers find the most challenge…and probably some bragging rights. I have to say it looks like this hacker(s) didn’t show any political partiality.

I think I’m safe with my little 49 followers on account. And for the majority of tweeple on twitter, I’d say they’re safe too.

Breathe In & Tweet Out,

New Tech Tuesday — Can You Read Me Now

22 07 2008

Okay, so this edition of New Tech Tuesday isn’t about one technology, or a particular device.  No, it’s about a platform that is completely embedded in our lives….Text Messaging!

I heard this morning that China has 600 million cell phone users, which is 3 times the amount of internet users in the country.  Of course, you know Asia is way beyond the U.S. when it comes to Mobile technologies and usage…with the exception of the little company in Cupertino, with the partially eaten apple.  They are a bit in front of the technology curve.

So, already in China we are seeing all classes of society embracing the texting technology.  Companies are emerging with canned poems and love messages.  How soon will it be before Hallmark cashes in on this new platform…and we start sending birthday wishes, breaking-up with you messages?  With companies like Twitter and Mozes the revolution has begun.

What are you saying in 140 characters (70 in China) or less?  How is your business communicating to your community on this platform?