OK Go / EMI Lawsuit / This Too Shall Pass

20 01 2010

This business of music is a bit crazy these days….and it’s getting even crazier as some of the big labels take a stab at some of the best marketing channels.  OK Go unpacks this whole story and inserts great perspective here

The irony of the whole thing…EMI signs a band called OK GO.  Then they say OK NO you can’t have embed code on your YouTube video.  OK GO says alright “This Too Shall Pass” will go up on Vimeo where embed code is available.  EMI responds with OK NO, This Too Shall NOT Pass…we’ll sue Vimeo.  Strategic thinking has left the building….now 4 million views will be spread out across 40 diff channels….brilliant!

OK GO, here it is…enjoy

Breathe In & Smile Out,


AC/DC…Old School Rock, New School Marketing

6 11 2008

Yes, the old school rockers are still kicking…and by the looks of their first week sales (over 700k) it looks like they’re rocking some new school marketing techniques.  Case in point:

AC/DC New Marketing

Check it out, i guess the fans from yester year who were the original “Those About To Rock” heads, may now be rocking some excel sheets at their 9 to 5 day gigs.  What ever the case, it’s pretty innovative and makes you just want to see how that would even work….bam, you sample the music, the old rocker comes out…and you go buy Black Ice.

I’m digging it, props to the marketing team working this album.

Rocking It Out,