Discipline, Work, and the Difference

20 05 2009

Just because you have one of these


And you are on a floor with one of these

Doesn’t mean you will be like this guy

It takes hard work. It takes discipline to get up and keep trying. It takes following your passions. It doesn’t happen just because you dressed the part….or have arrived at the basketball court.

The truth is most people will end up looking like this guy

The difference is the work you put into to becoming the best. Don’t settle for mediocre. Set your target above…and each day move closer.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

And You Think You Have Work To Do…

11 10 2008

In case you were feeling like you were under water, lots of work, too many emails…yadi, yadi, yadi.  Take a look at my incoming message bar,

I don’t know what my inbox is going to look like in about 30 minutes, but my feeling of getting somewhat caught up has just left the building :-0

Breathe In & Smile Out,