Women In Worship

7 04 2010

I love working at Integrity Music for more reasons than I can list in this blog.  One of the main reasons is because of amazing men and women of God who are serving in ministries that are touching the heartbeat of what God desires.  One of these amazing women is Vicky Beeching.  Take a look at this story behind her ministry here:

Vicky has a heartbeat for women who serve in worship leading roles & women who love to worship. She created this site for that community.  She’s interviewed people like Audrey Assad, Mia Fieldes and Rita Springer. It’s truly an honor to serve along side people like Vicky who are dedicating their lives to build the body of Christ and the Kingdom of God!  Check out here latest album “Eternity Invades” this week, a great collection of new worship songs to encourage and bless.

Breathe In & Smile Out,


I Belong

20 01 2009

I’m working on global marketing plans today, which has me thinking about all the worship leaders I have the opportunity to work with around the world. One in particular, Mrs. Kathryn Scott, is the model of beautiful person with a heart for God.

I’ve seen her lead thousands of people into the presence of God through worship…then 20 minutes later on the way back to the hotel, take a moment to usher in His presence amongst a handful at a the mose beautiful vista in Washington. She is the real deal, and I love this truth she proclaims in the the song “I Belong.” Enjoy,

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Do Justice

17 01 2009

I’m sitting here, close to being brain fried from a week that has been a productive and draining week.

I’m flipping through the latest issue of Relevant magazine and this North Park University (Chicago) ad struck me.

Do Justice …don’t serve it, stand up for it…but do it. Justice is an action. It’s a lifestyle. It’s every person’s calling. It starts with the little things. It starts now.

Breathe In & Smile Out,

John Mark McMillan

13 01 2009

So, i have to admit…working in the music business has it’s perks. And when you work in the Christian music genre with a focus on praise & worship, well the perks go beyond just some good tunes. I have the privilege to worship every week in our Wednesday Chapel at Integrity with some guys like John Mark McMillan.

John is an amazing worship leader, who has already had an impact throughout the church (global church) with the song “How He Loves Me.” Some influential worship leaders/teams like Jesus Culture and Hillsong United have used it in their worship set list. Take a look at John’s moving video from The Call gathering in Nashville and you will see why:

There is something very special about the way John approaches songwriting, worship leading, and the church. I don’t even want to begin to classify or put his styles into a category box. It’s real, it’s unfiltered, it’s an open heart. Here is one of my favorite songs (“Make You Move“) from the “The Songs Inside The Sounds of Breaking Down” album:

So, Wednesday will be another amazing Chapel time…can’t wait to see what God is going to do through John’s ministry. Check him out online, here’s the vitals:

Official Website

Breathe In & Smile Out,

Living Worship with Darlene Zschech

7 11 2008

I’m on my way to spend some time Darlene Zschech in Tampa.  I’ve had the opportunity to know her for a few years.  Before then I had the chance to see her lead worship on a Saturday back in 2,000 at the Baulkum Hillsong Church campus.  

This was back in the day when we were just starting to play the big Hillsong stuff in my worship team back home….you remember the days of “Shout To The Lord,” “On Eagle Wings,” and “My Redeemer Lives” (my personal favorite being a guitar player just getting into church worship).

One thing I’ve noticed and admired about Darlene is the fact that she lives her worship.  Back in 2,000 I didn’t know what to expect…I walked into a big church, saw the stage filled with great musicians, tons of choir members, front singers, the whole bit.  While the music was awesome, the worship is what really resonated with me.

I couldn’t tell you what the set list was…but I could tell you that halfway into it they had a time of prayer.  I’ll never forget Darlene asking for anyone that needed prayer to come forward…then the whole team, pastors, musicians, singers, everyone started praying for each other.  It wasn’t rehearsed.  It wasn’t a time when Darlene slipped back off stage.  It was a time of worship where the spirit moved…and yes, Darlene was there praying with everyone.  It was real church!

Fast forward 6 years, I’m back in Sydney with my crew from Integrity Music.  Jay King and I sat there, in a much larger church now, and saw this same scene unfold.  During a break in the music, real worship began.  

A time of prayer, where Darlene was actively walking around the floor praying for with people.  Again, couldn’t tell you the set list…but I could tell you that everyone on staff there knew how to live out worship.  They know that praying and supporting people around you is a big part of that.

I have continued to see Darlene in other situations off and on over the years.  Every time I see a very real person…a worshiper…someone who makes you feel like a best friend.  I’ve seen a generation come up under her spiritual and creative leadership.  I’ve seen what she’s modeled lived out in the live of guys like Joel Houston…who I watched at Encouterfest this year in Australia, walk around to pray with people during a time worship.

Don’t take this the wrong way please.  For some reading this, it may seem like it’s a responsibility…not a big deal.  But I can tell you, having worked in the industry for years….I’ve seen big worship leaders, from the huge churches, in all kinds of environments.  They don’t all live worship out like this.  It’s always a choice, don’t forget that….it’s not easier for them just because they lead worship.  

It’s easy to fall back into the off-stage/back-stage area…away from the people who need to be ministered to.  Allowing the pastors to do their thing.  Please don’t take this as a knock on worship leaders either…I just wanted to paint a real picture of who Darlene is… I want you to see that it’s not glitz and glamour, but real people who worship God in a real way. I could continue on the with a blog 3-part epic novel talking about how Darlene and her family live out worship through missions, mercy ministries, and all the other ways worship can be lived. Let me close with this…

Here is Darlene talking through what worship is all about, it’s profound and comes from a place that is real in her life.

This is what life is all about.  Living your worship Monday through Saturday.  Living in a way that serves others.  Letting your love shine on people.  Being the church, not just going to church.

Live It This Week,


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Joel Auge at The Gorge

25 07 2008

Joel Auge is a representation of how we should all approach our day, our profession, our sphere of influence.

He is a true servant. Instead of sleeping in at the hotel, waiting to come out for his appointed time at the Creation NW festival…where he will be served by all the production team and staffers. He chose to get up early instead and serve…not be served.

You’ll see a picture here of a servant heart who is using his talent to be a blessing to all the Creation staff in a time of devotion and worship.

How are you serving today? How are you blessing others with what you have?