OK Go / EMI Lawsuit / This Too Shall Pass

20 01 2010

This business of music is a bit crazy these days….and it’s getting even crazier as some of the big labels take a stab at some of the best marketing channels.  OK Go unpacks this whole story and inserts great perspective here

The irony of the whole thing…EMI signs a band called OK GO.  Then they say OK NO you can’t have embed code on your YouTube video.  OK GO says alright “This Too Shall Pass” will go up on Vimeo where embed code is available.  EMI responds with OK NO, This Too Shall NOT Pass…we’ll sue Vimeo.  Strategic thinking has left the building….now 4 million views will be spread out across 40 diff channels….brilliant!

OK GO, here it is…enjoy

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Music Monday Metal

19 01 2010

I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to musical tastes…although I’m rooted in rock and metal, I like a wide variety of music.  I have even come to terms with some country music :-0  I never got into Death Metal because…well, this video pretty much sums it up.

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Justin Bieber Christmas Song

20 11 2009

I’m not one of the 1.4 million viewers who caught this video from Justin Bieber. My buddy Matt turned me onto the new album from Justin (only $7.99 @ iTunes ). The kid is amazing, check him out nailing this Stevie Wonder Christmas song:

His YouTube channel has a host of other great songs (even some worship songs) that he knocks out with a handy cam and sheer talent. Usher swooshed in and signed him before Timberlake, Diddy, and the other industry peeps chasing him.

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30 10 2009

I’m embarrassed to say I missed the U2 live YouTube concert last weekend…I was not one of the 2.5 million who tuned in. And I wasn’t one of the 1.2 million who streamed the archived YouTube show…that changes tonight, check it out!

Picture 4

It was classic U2 at all new levels…stage, sound, songs, crowd…unbelievable! Best seat in the Rose Bowl.

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New John Mayer YouTube Channel

27 09 2009

November 17th we will all be able to hear the full mastered new album “Battle Studies” from John Mayer…until then take a sneak peek at some of the raw tracks on YouTube. Here is the link to the new song “Taking On Water.”

Pretty bold move to let the unfinished work out, and a brilliant marketing move I must say! Check it out he has about 5 songs up, just posted them a week ago. Unfortunately none of the videos/songs are embeddable, but worth the visit if you’re a Mayer fan.

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Frances Cold Water Video

14 05 2009

You don’t have to have a blockbuster budget to make a cool vid…dig the split screen,

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Most viewed Australian YouTube Video

2 10 2008

Here it is, actually the top 6 are music videos, and the top of all types is Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Loose A Thing,” go figure.  They love cat humor down here 🙂

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